Discover The Azores This Fall


Having put in more work this summer than you would have liked this summer, the annual getaway unfortunately had to delayed this year. However, as September dawns, more schedule has cleared up considerably, so taking a holiday has become an alluring option.

Atlanta Attractions That Are Worth Your Valuable Time


For those looking for a city break in America’s rapidly growing Southeast, no center in the region has the buzz that Atlanta has. Dubbed by many as the Capital of the New South with respect to its prowess in commerce and modern attractions, those seeking a break from the monotony of their everyday routine will certainly find it in this gleaming metropolis.

Pursuing the Spanish Sun: Taking the Bus to Barcelona


As August flies by, cool weather has already started to descend across more northerly parts of Western Europe, ushering an end to the peak days of summer. Before long, fall will be here, and with it, the long gradual descent towards winter will begin.

Exciting Attractions In Myrtle Beach


Sitting at your desk job, you watch the minute hand slowly crawl towards the top of the clock, upon when it will be quitting time, freeing you from corporate bondage (for a few weeks at least). This year, your anticipation has reached an entirely different level altogether, as you have you have decided to forgo your usual trip to the cottage in favour of a beach side holiday along the sandy shores of South Carolina.