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Hipmunk City Love: Daytona Beach, FL

by thehipmunk

Daytona Beach lies on the East Coast of Florida, roughly an hour away from Orlando. Once famous as the “World Center of Racing” and home of NASCAR, today Daytona’s 23-mile stretch of white sandy beach draws even more families and R&R seekers than devoted NASCAR fans.

Eat Breakfast in an Authentic American Diner 9 a.m.


Image via The Cracked Egg Diner

Fuel up for the day at the Cracked Egg Diner on Atlantic Avenue, which serves fresh-brewed coffee and an extensive breakfast menu. Try the Chipotle Eggs Benedict or their famous Apple Fritters. If you’re in the mood for healthier fare, order a bowl of oatmeal or a plate of egg whites and sliced tomatoes.

Start Working on Your Tan by the Surf 11 a.m.


Image via Trover by TravelTess

Daytona Beach features a beautiful 23-mile stretch of sand. Relax, read a book, or doze off for a mid-morning nap. If you’ve got more energy, consider one of the more active alternatives, such as parasailing, surfing, or banana boating. If you’ve brought your bicycle (or decide to rent one), go for a ride on the sand to really challenge your muscles.

Grab a Table Overlooking the Ocean 1 p.m.


Image via LuLu’s Oceanside Grill

Don’t stray too far from the beach when you’re ready for a snack. LuLu’s Oceanside Grill is one of the local favorites and offers an extensive selection of seafood dishes and classic meat and salad choices that will satisfy even the pickiest eaters. Order LuLu’s Shrimp Avocado Salad and opt for an outside table so you can enjoy the soft ocean breeze.

Take a Ride on the Wild Side at the Daytona Beach Pier 3 p.m.


Image via Trover by Craig M.

Spend the afternoon at the Daytona Beach Pier, the city’s premiere entertainment center. It features outdoor and indoor rides, shops, and a classic arcade. It’s perfect for a few hours of fun for the family or a solo outing. Enjoy an afternoon drink with a view at Joe’s Crab Shack, which you’ll find toward the end of the pier.

Those looking for a more active way to spend an afternoon would enjoy theHistoric Ponce Inlet Walking and Biking Trail that stretches 3.5 miles from the southern outskirts of Daytona Beach to Ponce Inlet, passing through historic homes and parks in the Town of Ponce Inlet. Be sure to explore the botanic gardens and the famous Ponce Inlet Lighthouse!

Your Perfect Daytona Beach Evening Starts at The Cellar 6 p.m.


Image via The Cellar

The Cellar offers an exquisite culinary experience, featuring a great selection of fine Italian cuisine as well as traditional pasta dishes. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the extensive wine list, the impeccable service, and the unique charm of this five-star restaurant. It’s an excellent alternative to the touristy fast food restaurants in the area.

Experience Daytona Beach’s Party Atmosphere 8 p.m.


Image via Grand View Live

In Daytona Beach, the only difficult part about planning your evening is narrowing down the choices. Here you’ll find everything from casual dive bars and lively clubs to sophisticated wine bars and world-class comedy clubs. Start the night with a good laugh at Bonkerz Comedy Club at Grandview Live, a venue that often welcomes performers from the big screen for their Friday and Saturday night comedy specials.

Then grab a drink at the Boot Hill Saloon, a famous biker bar that’s popular among locals and visitors to the area. Or for something more sophisticated, spend a couple hours at the Ormond Wine Company, a wine bar, wine club, and wine shop all in one. End your night at one of the local nightclubs, like Razzle’s Nightclub on Seabreeze Boulevard or Rockin’ Ranch Night Club just north of Ormond Beach.

Must See: Pick Up Something Old at Daytona Beach Flea Market


Image via Daytona Flea & Farmers Market

No weekend trip to Daytona Beach is complete without a visit to the Daytona Beach Flea Market. The market, voted one of the Top 5 Markets in all the United States, features hundreds of vendors that sell jewelry, clothing, toys and, of course, lots of local produce and ready-to-eat food. Pick up an antique at one of the stalls or add to your collection of vintage stoneware. You’ll also find plenty of original art if your walls at home are a little bare.

Catch Your Zs in Style at Daytona Beach

There are many affordable hotels in Daytona Beach from $55. You’ll find everything from a Holiday Inn from $113 a night to a more luxurious Three Bedroom Oceanfront Penthouse from $375 per night. High season in Daytona Beach runs between February and August, so be sure to book your room in advance if you are visiting during these popular months.

Whether you prefer days on the beach or nights in the club, you’ll have plenty to keep you busy during your one-day trip to Daytona Beach.

This post was posted by thehipmunk on Hipmunk’s Tailwind blog on January 18, 2016.

Best attractions in Slovenia to see this summer

photo by CC user Edwardwexler on

Looking for the best attractions in Slovenia to see this summer? Below, we have outlined several places that might warrant inclusion on your itinerary…

1) Old Town of Ljubljana

Begin your time in Slovenia by exploring the old quarter of Ljubljana, its capital city. With architecture influenced by the days of the Austrian Empire, and plenty of green spaces where you can appreciate the beauty of the river, enjoying oneself comes easy in this surprising city centre.

When the time comes to refuel, there are plenty of restaurants where you can chill out while having lunch/dinner, or a coffee as the populace of this stylish city walks by.

2) Ljubljana Castle

Next, head up the slope above the old town centre and check out Ljubljana Castle. This fortification has stood guard over this city for almost 900 years, protecting it from all manners of external threats, and while the view from here is nothing short of fantastic, there is more to this historical attraction than simply the view it affords of the Ljubljana area.

The art that hangs in its walls is a treat to look at, St. George’s Chapel is breathtaking in its simplicity, and best of all, the grounds of this public gathering place costs nothing to access.

As such, the citizens of Ljubljana love to spend time here, and in the evenings during the summer, concerts and outdoor movies are often shown here.

3) Postojna Cave

Head underground into Postojna Cave next, as this natural attraction is one of the most extensive subterranean systems in Slovenia. Opened as a tourist attraction in 1884, this cave was lit up with electric lights before the capital city of Ljubljana was fitted with them.

This ensured a steady of flow of visitors, except for a brief pause during the Second World War. During this time, the fuel that the Germans stowed in the cave caught fire, causing the permanent blackening of the cave entrance with the soot from the resulting smoke.

4) Lake Bled

Finally, do not leave the nation of Slovenia without spending a few days on the shores of Lake Bled.

Easily one of this country’s most enduring national icons, this lake has adorned thousands of postcards with its views of island chateaus and clifftop castles, both of them fronted by the placid waters of the timeless body of water.

It is also a great place to go for a dip during the hot summers that can often affect this part of Southern Europe.

Hipmunk City Love: Tucson, AZ

by thehipmunk

For many visitors, the American Southwest conjures images of bank-robbing outlaws, cowboys around a desert campfire, and frontier towns livened with gun-toting sheriffs and busty barmaids. The Old West was undoubtedly one of the most fascinating periods in American history, a time of discovery and adventure as the nation moved westward and settled into a new era. While many of the images we draw from the period are merely dramatic representations given to us through Hollywood Westerns, Tucson offers visitors a unique opportunity to visit and explore this exciting chapter of America’s past.

Whether you have a day or a long weekend in Tucson, take the time to see some of its historic attractions and immerse yourself in the remnants of the Wild West.

7 a.m.: Watch the Sunrise at Saguaro National Park


Image via Trover by maya gigi

To really get yourself in the Old West state of mind, start your day in Tucson at nearby Saguaro National Park. Home to the saguaro, America’s largest cactus, this protected park is ideal for watching the sunrise above the towering silhouettes on the Sonoran Desert landscape. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, you may wish to plan an entire day to enjoy Saguaro National Park. It is a popular area for hiking, cycling, and even backcountry camping. (If you are interested in camping at the park, you’ll need to purchase a permit in advance.)

9 a.m.: Take a Drive to Tombstone, AZ


Image via Trover by Paula @ A Traveler’s Postcard

Chisel out three to five hours to visit nearby Tombstone, where you can immerse yourself in a real-life ghost town straight out of the Old West. This historic city was once among the greatest of frontier boomtowns, fueled by successful silver mines. However, by the beginning of the 20th century, Tombstone’s population had dwindled, and the rest is history. Today tourists populate the town, which gives visitors a unique opportunity to see the American West as it once was. Watch re-enactments of shootouts at the actual O.K. Corral, take Old West-style portraits at Can-Can Old Time photos, join a historic tour on the Butterfield Stage Coach, or even try your hand at shooting the iconic Colt .45 at the shooting gallery.

1 p.m.: Explore Tucson’s Past at the Arizona History Museum


Image via Trover by Lisa Bunker

Back in Tucson, spend an hour or two perusing the exhibits of the Arizona History Museum, spanning the state’s history from the Spanish colonial era to the territorial period. You’ll leave with a new appreciation for the region’s diverse lineage. The Geronimo exhibit on the most famous Apache warrior from the Wild West period is especially interesting.

4 p.m.: Experience the Wild West at Old Tucson Studios


Image via Trover by Wendy Beck

With a full day of nature, ghost towns, and history under your belt, you’ll be ready for an evening of Wild West-style entertainment. Old Tucson Studios is one of the city’s most popular attractions, and has been the setting for more than 300 films and TV programs. The shows are particularly popular, bringing the Old West to life through music and spectacular stunts. There are also a variety of family activities to enjoy, such as panning for gold, trail rides, and a train that takes you on an informative tour of the surrounding desert landscape.

Must Eat: Go Inside an Old Saloon at Pinnacle Peak


Image via Trover by Amy Olsen

Pinnacle Peak is a popular Tucson restaurant serving cowboy-style fare in a saloon setting. Enjoy a world-famous mesquite grilled steak, beef that is slow cooked over a fire pit for 15 hours, or enjoy a mug of Pinnacle Peak’s home-brewed root beer. The restaurant’s Western food is the perfect ending to a day in the Wild West. Do note that there is a strict dress code—no ties allowed.

Find Your Desert Oasis in Tucson


Image via Trover by Beth Hughes

Tucson has a large selection of accommodations to choose from, but why not stay at a property where you can enjoy the beautiful desert landscape? No matter what your budget is, there are Tucson hotels from $32 that promise to inspire.Loews Ventana Canyon is reasonably-priced at $99 a night, offers large rooms, and has a free shuttle to the Sabino Canyon trails and Seven Falls waterfalls, an excellent choice if you are keen to get out in nature. For a more boutique-type stay, the Lodge on the Desert from $96 per night has gorgeous rooms in Southwest decor, and breathtaking grounds complete with an assortment of desert flora.

Tucson is a modern and diverse city, but take the time to explore the city’s Wild West past. You’ll leave with a new appreciation for both the desert landscape and a fascinating chapter from America’s past.

This post was posted by thehipmunk on Hipmunk’s Tailwind blog on January 19, 2016.