Best beaches to worship the sun on Tenerife

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Has the pending onset of the rainy season in Britain got you in the dumps? Don’t despair, as the sun drenched is but a short flight away.

The beaches in Tenerife in particular will astound you with their beauty and the variety of experiences that can be had during a day spent lounging on their luxurious sands.

Below, we list the best beaches to worship the sun on Tenerife…

1) El Bollullo

Seeking a beach that is all natural during your time on Tenerife? If this is a top priority for you, then heading to the northern portion of the island will satisfy it, as El Bollullo will impress with its glistening black sand, cliffs, and secluded nature.

Not developed in the slightest, its authentic environment will charm you, but be sure to take food, drink and other supplies, as there are no shops here save for a cafe.

This is not a beach for children, as currents can be strong, but those looking to enjoy the power of the ocean will find this to be a magical place.

2) Playa de las Américas

If you prefer the opposite of El Bollullo’s serenity, you’ll find all the partying, socializing and shopping bliss you can handle along the beach of Playa de las Américas, which is one of the best known of Tenerife’s beaches.

Here, you can eat, drink and merry around the clock, as many of its nightspots and eateries are open 24 hours a day.

When you finally awake from your alcohol induced slumber, there are plenty of diversion on Playa de las Americas sands to keep you busy until the sun sets, from watersports to an 18 hole golf course, which is to say nothing of the simple delights of splashing around the waves with friends, or playing beach volleyball.

3) Playa de las Vistas

Looking for a clean and orderly place to enjoy a nice day at the beach, but without the loud party vibe the pre-dominates at Playa de las Americas?

Playa de las Vistas fits this profile handily, as its boasts plenty of sunbeds, golden sand, and a nice warm ocean to grant you the type of holiday experience you’ve been looking for.

Located in Los Cristianos, there are plenty of tourist services to keep you well-fed and plied with drink, but without the brash nature of the rowdier strips of sand elsewhere on the island.

With plenty of lifeguards and a gentle slope, this beach is ideal for families looking to enjoy a spot of sunshine this fall.

From Nice to Naughty: When Good Travelers Go Bad

by thehipmunk

Being in a foreign environment tends to provide travelers with a feeling of anonymity. It’s regarded as a space governed by different social rules, and while abroad people often engage in behavior that they would normally not allow. But we wanted to know just how naughty they would actually get—or at least, what they would cop up to.

From stealing food to skinny dipping, Hipmunk got the dirt (anonymously, of course) on just how badly travelers behave while en voyage. Scroll down after the infographic for even more naughty traveler behavior:


More Naughty Behavior:

Stealing Souvenirs

12% of travelers surveyed have swiped a towel or robe

Supporting Stowaways

37% of travelers surveyed have snuck in an extra, unregistered guest into theirhotel rooms to stay the night

Skirting (U.S.) Laws

Travelers take advantage of activities that are perfectly permitted in their host countries, but may put them in legal hot water in the U.S.

12%  Doing drugs in countries in which they’re sanctioned

21%  Driving faster than any US speed limit

23%  Under-21 drinking

30%  Eating non-FDA-approved foods, like certain French cheeses

So, tell us. What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve ever done on vacation? Sound off in the comments below!

Methodology:  Hipmunk surveyed nearly 1,000 travelers from from July 7 through August 6, 2015, about their travel habits and behaviors.

This post was posted by thehipmunk on Hipmunk’s Tailwind blog on September 2, 2015.

How to Get the Best Seat on the Plane


by thehipmunk

Traveling on a plane can come with a slew of seat-based comfort challenges, whether you’re assigned to a seat that doesn’t recline or located just adjacent to the bathroom. If you want to get the best seat without having to pay extra cash, there are a few simple tips to follow. While you might not feel like you’re lounging in a featherbed in one of the many luxury hotels in Milan, you will optimize your chances of having a travel experience that’s comfortable, pleasant and relaxed.

1. Don’t Pre-Select Seats

Many flyers are tempted to pre-choose seats when they book their plane flights on Hipmunk. However, it’s best to actually let the airline assign you seats when you check in; particularly for full flights. Airlines cannot require you to pay for premium seats if they are the only spots available. If you wait until everyone else on the plane has chosen a seat, there’s a good chance that one of the premium seats will be assigned to you at no cost.

2. Volunteer to Sit in an Emergency Exit

Flight attendants need to fill emergency exit rows with capable passengers who can assist in an emergency. If you feel physically fit, you can volunteer to move to an exit row if flight attendants are looking to fill the seats (or swap someone out who is not qualified). Sitting in an exit row affords you a lot of extra leg room. It’s also often is an emptier row, as airlines usually pre-charge an extra fee to sit there.

3. Fly During the Middle of the Week

Statistics show that the smallest number of travelers fly on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. To ensure you have the most room on the plane–and the biggest selection of great seats–fly during the work week.

4. Take Seats Freed by Upgrades

Once you board a plane, some may opt to pay extra for first class or business class seats. Ask if you can take the seats they left empty. Many of these seats will have been occupied by frequent flyers or business travelers, which means that you might earn yourself a premium seat with extra legroom, greater recline or other great features.

No matter whether you’re crossing a few state lines or the Pacific Ocean, having a comfortable seat can ensure you have a restful and pleasant flight. By following a few simple tips, you can find yourself the best seat possible without forking over any extra dough.

This post was posted by thehipmunk on Hipmunk’s Tailwind blog on September 2, 2015.

5 Must-Try Asian Dishes You’ve Never Heard of + Where to Find Them

by thehipmunk

Contributed by: Traveling Spoon

Spoiler Alert: There is more to Asian cooking than Pad See Ew or Fried Rice from your local take out joint. As we traveled throughout Southeast Asia and China, something magical happened in the homes of our local hosts;  we’d never heard of most, if not all, of our favorite dishes.

Read on to learn about our five favorite dishes you haven’t heard of, the home cooks who make them, and about how you can try them on your next travels by visiting a local home and sharing authentic, home-cooked recipes passed down through generations.



Dahi Wada are airy lentil dumplings drenched in a cool yoghurt sauce drizzled over with tangy tamarind chutney, green mint chutney and sev, crispy lentil vermicelli that you find in Indian homes. Our host Pallavi in Mumbai artfully prepares dahi wada and serves it to you in her Mumbai home.


Nikujaga is a traditional Japanese meat and potato stew simmered in sake, Mirin, soy sauce and sugar. Our host Keiko specializes in Obanzai cooking (loosely translated as “mother’s cooking”, a method of comfort food cooking distinct to Kyoto that relies heavily on vegetables and meat, prepared simply, with ingredients that are seasonal and local to the Kyoto region.


Bangkok_FishLimeSauce (1)

Pla neung manao, whole fish delicately steamed in lemongrass, galangal and fresh Thai herbs and finished in a spicy lime sauce will make you wish for it every time you eat Thai food. Visit Pia in her home in the central Sukhumvit neighborhood of Bangkok and learn to cook authentic Thai dishes that you won’t find in restaurants, and share a private experience and meal together.


Karniyarik, stuffed eggplant with mincemeat and tomatoes served with rice or pasta over wine is the perfect way to enjoy one of Turkey’s most delicious ingredients. Ipek and Nuray are a mother-daughter team who truly enjoy feeding people and sharing their Turkish culture and cuisine in their modern Istanbul apartment.
Seoul_Ssam Bulgogi
Bulgogi, slivers of pork marinated in Asian pear, soy sauce, gochujang and sesame oil, stir fried and wrapped in fresh greens, is an addictive Korean dish. Jessie, a young food blogger, will treat you to bulgogi made with Jessie’s mom’s homemade gochujang, red chili paste in her modern apartment in the Gangnam neighborhood of Seoul.
Visit Traveling Spoon to learn to cook and share delicious homemade dishes with the best cooks in their homes around the world!
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