How to spend a perfect summer day in Barcelona

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If Spain is in your plans this summer, you might be looking to include Barcelona in your itinerary, and why not? This former Olympic host has a wealth of cultural institutions, stunning beaches and amazing places to eat, making a summer day in Barcelona nothing less than a joyful experience from start to finish.

Top 10 Holiday Destinations for 2015

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Many travellers are heralding in this New Year by planning their first getaway of 2015. While there are many options for destinations, which locations are sure to be the hottest of the year?

Budget friendly destinations in Southern Thailand

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For travelers headed to Southeast Asia, spending time in Thailand is all but a given, as its people, food and culture are all powerful draw cards that make it an unmissable destination. Without a doubt though, the most powerful asset that this nation has is its world class beaches, which regularly outclass similar destinations elsewhere in the world.

Top Ski Resorts in the USA

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Along the inspiring slopes of the American Rockies lie some of the top ski resorts in the USA. Below, we profile three ski areas that will deliver incredible value for every dollar you spend on them.