Corsica’s Coolest Sun Destinations


Taken in by its intriguing location in the Mediterranean, its French heritage, as well as its scintillating beaches, Corsica is squarely in your sights for your upcoming holiday. Backed by towering mountains in the interior and heavily inspired architecture in its towns and cities, planning a beach holiday on this lesser known French island (some some unknown reason) will be a joyous task.

The Many Coastal Wonders Of The Algarve


Some people are endlessly fascinated by destinations that offer up centuries and millennia of human history.  Others flock to the mountains, content to trek through their many valleys, never tiring at the many vistas that these parts of the world have in abundance.

Have Your Beach And Enjoy It Too: A Thai Holiday In Hua Hin


Many folks dream of the stereotypical tropical paradise beach, prodded on by the perennially bad weather in many parts of the temperate world throughout large tracts of the year.  They dream idealistic dreams of an empty beach, delightfully fruity drinks delivered by friendly locals and a general atmosphere of relaxation, only to be let down by the reality that most tourist areas find themselves in these days.

Beach Hopping On Turkey’s Turquoise Coast


The snow is melting away, the crocuses are pushing up through the ground, all of which can only mean one thing: after a delightful spring that is about to commence, summer is just around the corner.  Yes, the days where you’ll be feeling the sand between your toes are imminent, with the only question being: which beach will you be leaving footprints on this year?