Three Unforgettable Experiences in Puerto Vallarta and Vicinity


As passionate fans of perfect beach destinations, we are always delighted to highlight places that offer the unapologetic beach bum more than just a sun lounger to recline in before a cerulean sea. These centers of escape from the cares of your everyday life should also offer plenty of opportunities to enliven your spirit and learn things about yourself as well, which are aspects that not every destination can satisfy.

A guide to Ancient Rome

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Rome was once the bustling central hub of the Roman Empire, a city of immeasurable importance and beauty. Today it’s one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, with multiple attractions and preserved ruins to visit.

3 Places to Stay on Your Holiday in Greece


Despite the economic turmoil affecting the country, Greece continues to be a premier destination, when it comes to European getaways. With a rich culture, unspoiled mountains in the mainland, 6000 beautiful islands and picturesque coastlines, there is just so much that Greece could offer, leaving its visitors wanting more.

5 of the Most Affordable Luxury Hotels in the World


From the buzzing city of New York to the nonchalant streets of Cambodia, the travel encounter anywhere in the world is fun and exciting. You get to roam from place to place and shop until you drop in big shopping centers in some of the big cities. Yet, after a long tiring day, you just want to get the best possible experience from some of the most luxurious hotels there is.