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Sitting at your desk job, you watch the minute hand slowly crawl towards the top of the clock, upon when it will be quitting time, freeing you from corporate bondage (for a few weeks at least). This year, your anticipation has reached an entirely different level altogether, as you have you have decided to forgo your usual trip to the cottage in favour of a beach side holiday along the sandy shores of South Carolina.

Chickasaw Country Travel Guide


Looking for something fun to do in Oklahoma? If you’re planning a trip to the region, you and your family should consider a trip to Chickasaw Country, which comprises the 13 south central counties in Oklahoma.

Best Locales For A Relaxing Weekend Getaway In The UK


As an entrepreneur of a busy startup, free time is at a premium even during weeks where business is slower, so when an opportunity to get away for a quick weekend arises, you have to seize it as a badly needed chance to recharge your batteries.

Before you get to do that this weekend though, you have to host a vitally important conference that is presenting tantalizing networking opportunities that could rocket your operation to the next level (fingers crossed!).

With the corporate event management end of things taken care of by a trusted vendor that you have successfully relied upon before in the past though, you have freed up the time to focus on selecting a truly magnificent location to get away to after all the speeches, networking and banquets have concluded.

The beauty of the United Kingdom is that many serene natural wonders lie within little more than a puddle jumper flight or a modest drive away. To better illustrate our point, we will talk about several places that will allow you to unwind even after the most hectic of work weeks, so get out your pen and paper (or fire up Evernote), as we are confident you will just love what you will see!

Surfing in Cornwall

Located a relatively short distance south and west of London, Cornwall is a seaside getaway that many choose to abscond to when the pressures of the capital become too much to bear. Being a boundless ball of energy, you won’t be content to simply sit idly by and admire the coastal scenery during the few days of respite you have from your responsibilities.

To satiate your intensity level, you can attempt to tackle the eminently challenging sport of surfing at many places along the Cornish coast, as it receives consistent swells through much of the summer season. This sport teaches patience above all else, which is a soft skill that can only help you surge on to higher heights professionally after this fun weekend has concluded.

Relaxing in the Rhinog Mountains of Wales

If you fancy a healthy trek in the mountains rather than spending time in the refreshing (at best) English Channel, then high-tailing it to the Rhinog Mountains in Wales will do you a world of good.

Though the peak elevation of these starkly beautiful peaks tops out at only 756 metres, its appearance will make you swear that you are high up in the alpine zone on a mountain in the Alps, as the only vegetation that grows amidst its rocky outcrops are rough grasses, hardy wildflowers, and scrubby wind-hardened bushes.

At the end of a long day wandering, you will have earned a long slumber at one of many charming bed and breakfast operations in the area, making this option an ideal way to experience the slower pace of life of the countryside and nature at its most raw – both which constitute a dramatic departure from life in the big city.

Taking In The Marvelous Sights Of The Peak District

If your wanderlust has your feet pointing north, but you don’t have the time head all the way north to the highlands of Scotland, then dropping by the Peak District in the northern reaches of England makes for a good compromise.

Despite its evocative name, the landscape consists more of big hills than proper mountains, but the subtle beauty of it all brushes aside all talk of semantics, as the greenery that is punctuated by charming rural towns and sanguine lakes will win you over within the first hour or so of your arrival.

While the stately houses and even a Norman castle will command your attention during much of your time here, do not leave without taking a contemplative walk across the moors, as getting out by yourself amidst the windswept grassy hills may provide you with the perspective and clarity of mind that you need to charge forward and crush it in the months that lie ahead.

Draw Personal Strength From The British Countryside

Whether you take to the sea, the hills, or the narrow laneways of an authentic medieval town in the countryside, getting away from the urban distractions of London for a weekend will help you to reset your body and mind. In this modern society where we always seem to be plugged in, disconnecting from it all for a few days of respite from your business will go a long way in helping to prevent a full-fledged meltdown, which is something that occurs all too often these days.

Top 5 Caribbean Cruises of 2014

Caribbean Cruise

Cruising is one of the most popular forms of travel these days and as the cruise industry continues to grow, more itineraries are being created to satisfy the demand of the consumers. People tend to choose a cruise vacation because they can have everything they want from a hotel and resort-like experience as well as have the adventure and exploration at every port. A Caribbean cruise is one of the more popular itineraries chosen because passengers can visit numerous exotic sunny places in 3 days, 7 days, 10 days or more!