Tourist attractions in Barcelona

Like I said in my previous post, Barcelona’s tourist attractions go beyond walking down the city center and the beautiful beaches so I think there are more important things to share about this unique travel destination.

So, here are some key points to mark on your traveler’s guide to Barcelona>

Barcelona is an important cultural center, mainly influenced by the works of the great architect Antoni Gaudí, Barcelona offers impressive tourist attractions. When in Barcelona, make sure you have the time to visit at least one of the following:

– La Sagrada Familia Cathedral, the famous masterpiece of Antoni Gaudí, still unfinished – the construction is expected to last for at least another 30 years. The Cathedral has a mainly Gothic structure, but the architect also added several modernist influences.

– La Pedrera, another great work of the architect Gaudi, inspired by the ocean waves – we found the stone façade and light curves quite impressive.

– The Barcelona Aquarium, an magnificent exhibition of marine species located on the Mediterranean shore.

Camp Nou – the FC Barcelona football stadium – is a truly interesting touristic objective due to the high standards of construction, but also because of its size and the celebrity of the hosting football team.

Other sights not to be missed are Montjuic (the hill on which it is believed that the city was founded), The Zoo, The Picasso Museum, The National Museum of Catalan Art, Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter (Ciutat Vella) and many other beautiful places great for walking around (such as the area called La Rambla); you can always have a break from the long walks on the city’s streets and enjoy the traditional sangria.

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