History of Barcelona

Continuing my tourist attraction map of  Barcelona, my perspective on this amazing city will focus on the cultural and historical highlights because I think one of the most important things in traveling is being an educated tourist.

Barcelona’s historical tourist attractions should be included in each traveler’s guide as this splendid city invites you to take long walks around historical monuments and modern art establishments.

So here are few historical highlights on Barcelona>>

According to historians, the city dates back about 4,000 years ago. When it comes to its foundation, Barcelona’s history is rather unclear: according to one legend, the city was founded by Hercules, while others say that the real parent of Barcelona was the Carthaginian Hamilcar Barca, the one that gave the first name of the city – Barcino. Later, the name was changed into the actual name, Barcelona.

The beginnings of the city started at Montjuic, a city whose inhabitants were mainly traders – trading was the most common business here, due to the geographical location of the city.

The city has undergone tremendous transformation after the Iberian Peninsula was conquered by the Romans. Barcelona also knew various influences under the siege of the Germanic tribes, the Moors and the Franks.

Enjoy Barcelona’s exceptional travel experience!

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