Cities to visit: Paris, La Ville-Lumière


Also known as “La Ville-Lumière” (the City of Lights), Paris is probably the most romantic city to visit in the whole world and one of the top ten travel destinations.

The beautiful capital of France is situated on the river Seine and lies in the central-northern France, on the Île de France region. Paris is a very old city, which has its beginning on the small island Île de la Cité. For centuries, the city has been a leading cultural center worldwide. Today, Île de la Cité is a part of downtown and, together with Île Saint-Louis, which is one of the natural islands on the river Seine.

The central part of the city is divided by the river Seine in two: the north side and the south side. These two sides of the city along with the suburbs comprise the Parisian metropolis area, one of the most populated metropolitan areas in Europe.

If you plan to visit Paris, you should know that over 45 million tourists visit the French capital every year. So it would be wise to take the time and book your flight tickets and accommodation in advance.

Paris is one of the most popular tourist destination because it is such a welcoming city. Here, you can spent an entire holiday if your are located in the United States or just a romantic Paris weekend getaway if you are located in Europe. In any case, you should know that Paris is an expensive travel destination, so here are few tips that would improve your experience as tourists in Paris…

Paris travel guide – tips:

  • Make early bookings for your flights to Paris
  • Book your accommodation early because Paris hotels are usually full
  • Before you go, check online forums about the best places to eat in Paris
  • For your tour and travel in Paris, use the subway(metro) instead of the bus or the RER (which are more expensive)

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