Paris travel experience: Eiffel Tower (2)

My Paris travel experience continues with some interesting facts about the Eiffel Tower >

The painting of the Eiffel Tower is changed every several years, so the building would always have a fresh look. Also, the electric illuminating system (first installed in 1900) is often improved so that it would keep up with the latest innovations in lighting or to celebrate major events hosted in Paris.

Tourists are offered an amazing travel experience when visiting the three levels of the Eiffel Tower. The base of the tower rests on four pillars that support the massive building.

At the first level everyone can visit the Gustave Eiffel reception room, a few souvenir shops, restaurants and a wonderful summer terrace, while at the second level tourists can enjoy various dishes in the Jules Verne restaurant, grab a few more souvenirs or have a nice cup of café at the snack bar.

Starting from the third level, the only thing that will capture your attention is the wonderful panorama of Paris. At the the top floor of the tower, though, you will have another pleasant surprise: the recently opened champagne bar – for a genuine Parisian travel experience!

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