Tourist attractions in Egypt: The Temple of Karnak

Tourist attractions in Egypt-The Temple of Karnak

For visiting Egypt you will most definitely need a guide to travel because every monument has its own history and carries a cultural significance that only a local guide can provide.

Everyone agrees that Egypt is one of the most attractive and mysterious travel destinations. You can call it a fortunate land – bathed by two seas (the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea), with a rich history and ancient culture, a land that inherited an impressive hoard over time.

The most fascinating tourist attractions in Egypt are undoubtedly the pyramids and monuments built by the ancient Pharaohs.

Among them, stands the great Temple of Karnak .Built to glorify the King of Gods – Amon-Ra – the temple which originally had a purely religious purpose has become one of the largest and remarkable constructions in the ancient Egypt. During the first years, the temple was known under the name of Ipetisut (the name could be translated as “the most chosen of places”) and represented a religious retreat and a true sanctuary for the Egyptian population.

The colossal building consists of a complex of temples, buildings, pillars, statues, shrines and columns, decorated with a variety of stone carvings. Each Pharaoh wanted to add something new to the temple, so it soon became a symbol of Thebes, the capital of ancient Egypt, situated along the Nile river.

If you are visiting Egypt, don’t forget to visit the Temple of Karnak – it is definitely a must-see, and if you manage to find a guide that will detail the history of the temple for you, you will certainly have a memorable visit!

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