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India Tourist Attractions are so different from any other country around the world. Only by visiting India you will fully understand why it was truly called the crib of humanity.

I will continue my travel guide to India home of yoga, tea, cotton and pepper – with some things every tourist should know when deciding that India will be his next travel destination.

When visiting India, you should know that cotton is an Indian discovery dating back over 7,000 years. Later, the tradition of using cotton textiles was also adopted in Europe.

Together with China, India holds the supremacy in the production and consumption of cotton.

The Indian-made cotton garments are much appreciated all over the world for their quality, so buying one as a souvenir from your latest trip to India will probably be a great idea.

Those who love spicy foods will find here a variety of dishes designed to please everyone’s taste. Indian spices are recognized worldwide both for their special flavors and beneficial effects on health.

Of all, black pepper is probably the best known and has been used since ancient times as a medicine for treating various diseases as well as for its special flavor.

Originating from the Malabar Coast (known today by the name of Kerala), black pepper was used for a while as a form of commodity money.

Like many other Indian discoveries, pepper was also adopted by the western countries.

So there is your answer, in case you were wondering why there are so many people passionate with the Indian culture.

India is a mystical land, seasoned with lots of tourist attractions: magnificent monuments, traditions but above all, an important cultural heritage of humanity. Make sure you mark all this down on your travel guide to India.


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