Ocean Paradise Zanzibar

There are only few corners around the world that can make you feel like you arrived in Paradise.

Zanzibar, in Tanzania is such a place; the exoticism and the tranquility of  a holiday in Zanzibar is unmatchable.

Zanzibar is the perfect travel destination for those who love large sandy beaches, clear water and unexplored landscapes.

Zanzibar Island – also known as Unguja – is part of the Zanzibar Archipelago belonging to Tanzania and is located in the Indian Ocean, near the east coast of Africa, about 25 miles from the mainland of Tanzania. The Zanzibar Archipelago includes many islands, but the largest and most popular travel destinations are Zanzibar and Pemba – the second largest island.

Located near the equator, Zanzibar has a warmer climate most of the year, wich makes it the perfect choice for sun & beach lovers for 10 to 11 months per year – it only rains significantly during April and May.

The sandy beaches of Zanzibar are perfect for those who want to sit in the sun and bathe in clear water, away from the effervescence specific to other popular exotic destinations. Here, unlike other popular travel destinations in the world, the number of tourists who come annually is about 100,000, which means peace and relaxation are assured!

So, if you are planning a romantic getaway, a holiday or a honeymoon, Zanzibar is the perfect place for you because it is truly an ocean paradise.


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4 Responses to “Ocean Paradise Zanzibar”

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  3. Plan Japan says:

    You know, I actually believe what you are saying. Recently a friend (from Oz) went there on her honeymoon…We just could not believe how stunning the photos were! It was a shock! Truly paradise…I can’t wait to get there myself…How to you get between Zanzibar and mainland? I don’t really trust African airlines….

    • Adrian B. says:

      If you don’t feel like using the local airlines, you can always use the ferrie to get from mainland (Dar Es Salaam) to Zanzibar. Ferries are cheaper (usually around 40 USD per person) and will get you to the island in about two hours or less, which is not that long, plus you’ll have the chance to take some pictures along the way, if the weather is fine.
      Drop us a line if you have some interesting story and/or photos from Zanzibar you wish to share.

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