Costa Rica travel guide

The first thing it comes to mind when talking about Costa Rica traveling is happy people. This country is considered having the happiest people in the world which makes it perfect travel spot for a relaxing holiday.

Here are some useful travel tips on Costa Rica traveling >

Interesting things about Costa Rica

For those who love surfing and relaxing on sunny beaches in December, Costa Rica may be the most inspired choice. Costa Rica is – at least from December until April, during the summer – the perfect alternative to cold weather and snow covering the northern hemisphere during this period.

Best Time To Visit

As I mentioned above, the summer (between December and April) is best suited for a vacation in Costa Rica, as it rarely rains and the sun shines every day.

Obviously, though, that this is the busiest period for local tourism and the prices aren’t quite low. In addition, accommodation reservations must be made months before.

Instead, during the winter (between May and July) it’s easier to find a place to stay and bookings are cheaper, but you must be prepared for moody weather, with a bit more rainy days and strong winds.

Useful travel tips to mark on your Costa Rica travel guide

  • It is good to know that $ U.S. are accepted by most hotels, travel agencies, transport companies or stores, and credit card payments can be made at hotels, travel agencies and shops in almost all medium and large cities .
  • It is best to travel by plane to Costa Rica if you want to avoid additional taxes and paperwork required when traveling with your own vehicle or a rental, for example.
  • For a cheaper ride local buses are recommended; you will only need to be a patient traveler, especially in border areas.
  • Costa Rica can be reached, of course, by sea – only recommended if you are arriving from nearby areas.

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