Travel Destination: Montenegro

Travel Destination Montenegro

My next stop in exploring the best places to travel around the world is the amazing travel destination called Montenegro.

Exploring the Adriatic area, we stopped at the fascinating land of Montenegro (Black Mountain). Over time called Crna Gora, Zeta or Montenegro, the small country in southeastern Europe invites us with its medieval towns, where we can still see the influences of the great Ottoman Empire, but also vast and unexplored beaches, with high mountains and hidden bays.

As a Montenegro tourist you should probably know some little details about this amazing travel destination in southwestern Europe.

Montenegro is a true miracle of nature with all forms of relief (mountains over 2300 meters high, beautiful beaches, lakes and canyons), although it has an area of only 13,812 square kilometers. The population is predominantly Orthodox and most citizens speak Serbian but also Bosnian, Albanian and Croatian.

Podgorica is the capital of Montenegro, but other major cities deserve also to be mentioned: Budva (the largest tourist resort in Montenegro and one of the most beautiful resorts of the Adriatic), Bar (a city that was almost entirely rebuilt after World War II; it is also the most important port in the country), Cetinje and Kotor.

Overall, Montenegro is a bohemian travel destination where you spend a very romantic getaway or a very interesting holiday. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit Crna Gora / Montenegro photo gallery.

Don’t forget to mark Montenegro on your list of the best places to travel in Europe.


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