Tourist attractions: Balchik Palace

Tourist attraction: Balchik Palace in Bulgaria

In my previous post, I shared some insights on a very popular travel destination in Europe called Balchik, located on the Bulgarian sea shore.

Balchik is not only a seaside holiday resort but also a nice tourist place. Here are the major tourist attractions in Balchik:

The Balchik Palace
The botanical garden
The 9m waterfall

The Balchik Palace, a popular tourist place in the Bulgarian resort

The Balchik Palace (also known as the “Quiet Nest” or “Tenha Juvah”) was built by order of Queen Marie of Romania, between 1926 and 1937. An entire royal domain stretches over three terraces and includes a beautiful villa with white painted walls, built in Mediterranean style, and carrying Bulgarian influences too.

The castle was built by two Italian architects, brought here by the Queen Marie in order to create a Mediterranean ambiance.

The architectural style of the castle is simple, but the numerous species of flowers, trees and especially the splendid panorama of the Black Sea which opens in front of it, makes it a unique and unforgettable site.

Old furniture and decorations that belonged to the Queen are well preserved and exposed inside the castle for all visitors.

Tourist attractions in Balchik: the botanical garden

The domain is surrounded by a botanical garden that can be visited along with the castle – in fact, there is no another option, since the organizers have done so that the ticket for a visit at the castle can only be bought together with a ticket for the botanical garden.

Surrounded by high stone walls, the botanical garden has approximately 250 species of cactus and a total of over 3000 other species of plants brought here from all over Europe.

The 9 meters high waterfall completes the magnificent garden, creating a fabulous sight.

So, that’s it for now on Balchik holiday resort, a beautiful travel destination that I strongly recommend.


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