Traveler’s guide to Turkey – Places to visit

Places to visit near Kusadasi

On this article from my Traveler’s Guide to Turkey, I will share some of the best places to visit near Kusadasi.

There are so many tourist attractions in Turkey that is impossible for me to tell you about all of them; so, I gathered up some tourist attractions near Kusadasi, that I brought me the best travel memories:

the ancient city Ephesus
Adaland – the aqua park

Tourist place: Ephesus, the ancient city

Not far from Kusadasi you will find the ruins of the ancient city of Ephesus. Here you can visit the temple of Artemis and many other symbols of antiquity. Ephesus was an important center of Christianity – it is said that Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus, was buried here and the Evangelist Luke’s remains are still in this area. Also, it seems that Paul, the apostle has lived here for a while too.

Tourist attraction: Pamukkale, nature at work

Another tourist attraction of this area is the Pamukkale, a settlement formed by limestone rocks and thermal waters – everything around is white and slippery. Tourists can swim in Cleopatra’s pool – the legend says that this lake was one of the favorite places of the Queen of Egypt.

Tourist entertainment near Kusadasi

For those who like aquatic entertainment parks, I would recommend Adaland – an aquatic park where you just don’t have time to get bored. The park is just a few kilometers away from the resort and transportation can be made easily with buses.

Our most pleasant memories of Kusadasi will remain the long walks under the moonlight feeling the fragrant breeze, the notorious hospitality of the Turks, the spectacular landscapes, and last but not least the unforgettable taste of hot ekmek (bread) served at breakfast.

On my next articles, I will continue this Traveler’s Guide to Turkey with the exotic travel destination of Kemer.


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