Tourist activities in Belize

Iguana in Belize wildlife attractions

If you plan you next travel destination to Belize, you should not miss the chance to take a guided tour through the wildlife treasures of Belize.

Here some of the tourist activities you should definitely try in your Belize holiday:

Tourist activity in Belize: Bird Watching

Belize has a lot o perfect spots for bird watching adventurers. Over 500 species of birds can be seen here day and night and, if you can afford a guided tour through the Belize forests, your guide will help you discover tens of species every day.

The most popular bird species that cand be found here are: the keel-billed toucan (known as the Belize’s national bird), the scarlet macaw (a parrot family bird) and the jabiru stork.

Belize attraction: the wildlife

Felines (like the jaguar and the puma), monkeys (the black howler monkey is, by the way, a very interesting animal that can only be seen in Belize), wild pigs, tapirs and reptiles (the green iguana, crocodiles and numerous snake species) can be seen in the Belize  tropical jungles, but most of them are endangered and protected animal species and you will have better chances to watch them in zoo parks or other protected areas.

Enjoy exotic plants in Belize

The national tree of Belize is the mahogany tree, but the total number of tree species in this country is about 700. The Santa Marie tree, the ceiba and the guanacaste are also common to these areas.

The great number of flower plants (and i should definitely mention the amazing number of orchid species – some 250!) make this place a  real photographer’s paradise, so don’t forget to bring your camera – if you are not a passionate photographer yet, you will get your chance to become one in Belize!

A holiday in Belize offers a lot of exotic travel experiences; you should definitely pick Belize as your next travel destination in Central America.

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