Tourist attraction in Bucharest: The Village Museum

As we continue the tour of the most exciting European travel destinations along with my Bucharest travel guide, we stop for a few moments at an interesting tourist attraction: the Village Museum of Bucharest. You should definitely mark it on your Bucharest city guide.

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Dimitrie Gusti Village Museum was opened in 1936 after almost 10 years of demographic and ethnographic studies done by Professor Dimitrie Gusti together with his students and other specialists in folklore and museum studies. Professor Dimitrie Gusti wanted – and, eventually, managed to build – an authentic village that shelters genuine country houses, churches, water mills and windmills.

Interesting artifacts

All geographical areas of Romania are represented here in their own architectural style, with their specific traditions, household items, clothes and tools used to work the land. Also, here can be seen various plants used in the Romanian villages such as oil presses, water and windmills, blacksmith shops and many others, all of which are well preserved and refurbished by specialists.

Tourist attractions at the Village Museum

The museum – located in downtown Bucharest – aims to preserve and to show tourists the roots of the Romanian people. Exhibitions of paintings, handmade objects and creative camps for kids can be seen almost all year round. Also important religious holidays are celebrated here through various cultural events: concerts, folk music, pottery and craft fairs or traditional gastronomic fairs.

So, don’t forget to visit Bucharest on your European travel  tour or to mark the Village Museum on your Bucharest tourist attractions map.


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