Travel guide to Bangkok, Thailand

Sightseeing in Thailand

A great tourist destination in the heart of Asia, a unique city, fascinating and unforgettable: Bangkok – this is the Asian tourist destination I will talk about in next articles.

Interesting Facts About Bangkok

Thailand – a land of exotic beaches and hot sun – is visited by milions of tourist every year, most of them coming from other Asian countries (especially from Malaysia, Japan and China), but also from Europe, North America and Australia. Undoubtedly, the country’s economic growth of the last decades is due largely to the expansion of tourism.
The most active spot in Thailand is the capital, Bangkok, a city with an impressive size and a large number of inhabitants: some 7 million people live here as registered inhabitants (the actual number is much higher though, due to those who come here looking for work).

Accommodation and Shopping in Bangkok

If you decide to visit Thailand, I’m sure you’ll find the big city of Bangkok as exotic, unique and charming as I did. Also known as Krung Thep, the capital is located in the center of the country and is crossed by numerous channels of Chao Phraya River.
The Thai capital is a fascinating mixture of modern neighborhoods with sophisticated buildings, shopping malls, stylish restaurants and exclusive, world-renowned hotels, alternating with the old neighborhoods (where ancient traditions are kept unchanged), temples, markets (where tourists can buy manufactured products, souvenirs, fruits, vegetables and spices), but also a large number of hotels for all budgets.

As a tourist in Bangkok you might find that a single week of holiday just won’t be enough to visit all there is to see here, so be wise: set your itinerary in advance.

In my next article, read more about one of the main tourist attraction in Bangkok: The Grand Palace.

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