Parasailing in Golden Sands, Bulgaria

Have you ever tried parasailing? We haven’t (at least not yet), but we sure love to watch 🙂

Here is Travel Photo Of The Week, episode 13: two parasailers in Golden Sands, Bulgaria.


Two parasailers in Golden Sands, Bulgaria

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5 Responses to “Parasailing in Golden Sands, Bulgaria”

  1. Nancie says:

    Have never tried this, (and probably never will :):)/….but beautiful shot. I too, love watching them.
    One of the funniest places to watch was in Langkawi. There were a lot of Muslims in the black burka. Very weird!

  2. Same – never tried it, but always wanted to check it out!

  3. Adrian B. says:

    Same here. Don’t know if/when we will get to wave hands from a parachute 🙂

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