Happy Anniversary, Traveltosun.com!

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It was back in August 25th, 2010 when we published our first article and here we are now, celebrating one year of Traveltosun.com!
After one year, the purpose of this blog remains the same: we intend to share as much as we can from our travel and holiday experiences – interesting places that we had the chance to discover, travel tips that could help others plan their vacation, photos that we took, delicious cooking recipes from various places in the world, as well as research on places that we want to visit in the future.

Because we feel that we are all different and we all have our unique perspective on everything around us, we have launched the invitation to other travelers (bloggers or non-bloggers) to share their travel stories; that way, you – our readers – can discover the wonderful world we live in, through the eyes of others who have seen, lived and experienced it before.

Recently we’ve contributed to the My 7 Links project and wrote an article that sums up the most interesting articles and photographs published by us so far – here it is, if you haven’t had the chance to see it before: My 7 Links – Our Contribution to the Project.

We want to thank our readers for being with us for the past year and we look forward to share more interesting stories and photos in future. And to show you our love, we want to dedicate you a picture that is very special to us – a picture from the heart:

Bears Cave

The heart shaped entrance of the Bears Cave - Southern Carpathians, Romania

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  1. Congrats! One year blogging is a huge accomplishment; can’t wait to see what you come up with in your second year. 🙂

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