Photo Tour of Croatia: Bol, Brač Island

The third largest island of Croatia (with an area of nearly 400 square kilometers) and definitely one of the finest in terms of tourist experience is the Brač Island – located next to Šolta Island and at approximately equal distances from mainland and Hvar Island.
The beauty of the island is simply striking and tourism is obviously the main sector of local economy. Besides the natural attractions (mountains, forests, beaches and bays), there are numerous churches, monasteries and basilicas built of stone and ruins dating from Roman times.
Bol – the city where the photos you see below were taken – is located in the south of the island, has a small airport and a very lively and colorful harbor.

Bol, Brac Island, Croatia

Bol harbor in Brač Island, Croatia

Two boats

Two boats in the Bol harbor

Clear blue waters

Clear blue waters in Bol harbor, Brač island

Small boats

Small boats in Bol, Brač Island

Buildings along the sea front

Buildings along the sea front in Bol

Next up on our series of photos from Croatia is Trogir – come back soon!

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