Bucharest Christmas Lights by Night

Christmas Tree, Bucharest

Christmas Tree, Bucharest

Travel Photo Of The Week: A stylized Christmas Tree in Piața Universității (University Square), in downtown Bucharest.

We got tired of waiting for snow here in Bucharest so we decided to go out the other day and catch the Christmas preparations along the main boulevards of Bucharest.

Hey Santa! We’re ready for that snow, now! Here’s the proof:

Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree, University Square

Christmas lights curtain in University Square, near Colței Church and Colțea Hospital (the oldest hospital in Bucharest, built in 1704).

Christmas lights, Bucharest

Christmas lights, Bucharest

Christmas lights

Christmas lights, University Square

Crăciun Fericit is Romanian for Merry Christmas.

Statues of Ion Luca Caragiale (Romanian novelist) and 16 of his characters exposed in front of National Theater Bucharest.

Statues at National Theatre Bucharest

I.L. Caragiale statues at National Theatre Bucharest

I.L. Caragiale statues

I.L. Caragiale statues in front of National Theate Bucharest

Kids’ joy:  toys exhibition in front of Cărturești Bookstore and a small Christmas market near Cocor shopping center.

Christmas toys

Christmas toys exhibition

Christmas market

Christmas market near Cocor shopping center

Neon lights across the busy boulevards of downtown Bucharest: Nicolae Bălcescu and Ion C. Brătianu boulevards.

Downtown Bucharest

Downtown Bucharest

Neon lights

Neon lights, Unification Square

InterContinental Hotel Bucharest on a foggy night.

Intercontinental Hotel, Bucharest

Intercontinental Hotel Bucharest by night

Intercontinental Hotel

Intercontinental Hotel, Bucharest

Hope it snows by Christmas…

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16 Responses to “Bucharest Christmas Lights by Night”

  1. Nancie says:

    Gorgeous shots! I love Christmas lights. I just arrived in BKK last night, and there are some beautiful displays around. I plan on getting out with my camera tonight to catch some of the beauty.

  2. Adrian B. says:

    Thanks, Nancie! I think the photos would have been greater if only we had a little snow, but we’re still waiting! 🙂

  3. Abby says:

    Soo pretty! I’ve really enjoyed seeing Christmas decorations from around the world this year on all of the blogs. Makes me wish I’d taken shots around Vegas — if there’s one thing we know how to do, it’s lights!

  4. Some very nice shots here. Nothing like the festive season!

    • Adrian B. says:

      Thanks, Samuel. We’ll have some more of these posted here this week.

  5. That’s beautiful. Looks so festive!!!

  6. Love the lights and festivities of Bucharest. Maybe I should put Bucharest on my wish list for next December!

  7. Well it all looks a bit more festive than here in Fethiye. 🙂 We’ve got Bucharest high on our list of places to go as we can get the overnight train from Istanbul to there. Looks great.

    • Adi & Mary says:

      Thanks, Julia. We’re honored that you have our city on your list of places to see.

      There’s a lot more to Bucharest – and Romania, generally speaking – than the western gossip magazines and TV/radio shows tell people.
      Of course, it has its own issues such as beggars, congested traffic and bureaucracy (so does many other big cities of the world, by the way), but it also has one of the largest green parks in Europe (Herăstrău Park has 110 hectares, or 1.1 sq km) and lots of well-preserved medieval houses, churches and castles that are well worth a visit – we wrote about many of these in the past few months here, on our blog.

      We’ll be looking forward to your impressions on Bucharest, after your visit.

      All the best!
      Adi & Mary

  8. Marian says:

    Wow, I never really think of this as a festive place but the lights in those photos are better than the lights I have seen in a lot of the major cities in the UK!

  9. […] week we talked about the Christmas festivities in downtown Bucharest. Now it’s time to show you how our neighborhood has prepared for the holidays: today’s […]

  10. Christmas is just beautiful and happy all around the world. Thank you for sharing your pictures!

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