Infographic: Guide to Thailand

“Be Fly in Thai” is an infographic that features some cultural and social facts, such as never touching a Thai person on the head, how to say hello and greet people, and etiquette for visiting temples.  These are important factors to keep in mind when visiting Thailand, also keep in mind that countless things to see and accommodations are always available for your next visit.

Guide to Thailand
We found it interesting and we thought it might be useful for those of you travelling to Thailand, so we agreed to post it for free on behalf of the guys at Kuoni Travel that send it to us.
Let us know what you think!


*This infographic is courtesy of Kuoni Travel.

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4 Responses to “Infographic: Guide to Thailand”

  1. Alouise says:

    Love the poster. There’s some really interesting information. I had no idea that Thailand ran on a 6 hour clock.

    • Adrian B. says:

      I didn’t knew about the 6 hour clock either – it was surprising for me too.

  2. Mark says:

    That’s strange, I’ve only ever seen 24-hour clocks in Thailand. Maybe the Thais use a 6-hour clock in the same way that we Brits wear bowler hats and fight our way through pea-soupers!

  3. Martyn says:

    This is an awesome infographic, I’d definitely recommend it to anyone about to take a trip to Thailand, certainly would have saved me some moments of confusion on my trip!

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