The Jungfrau


The Jungfrau, Bernese Alps, Switzerland.

After more than a month with no new articles here at – we’ve been swamped with work in February, with the relaunch of -, we have finally found the time to post something new – a photo of the third highest mountain in the Bernese Alps, in Switzerland: The Jungfrau.

This is a preamble for the next stories from the beautiful Switzerland that are coming up soon on both and Interlaken and Montreux. Stay tuned!

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Looking forward to your comments! 🙂

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4 Responses to “The Jungfrau”

  1. Looking forward to the article about the Jungfrau. I’ve got such wonderful memories of my time in that area. the beautiful Alps!

  2. […] at 570 meters above sea level and the heights of the surrounding mountains are really impressive. Jungfrau – 4158 m high – is one of the highest summits of the Swiss Alps and also the main local tourist […]

  3. Franny says:

    My trip to Jungfrau has been rightly called one of the great railway journeys and I can really see why. I had heard of it (my son went on the train with Scouts last year) but nothing had prepared me for the beauty – definitely loved going in winter with all the snow …

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