Photo Essay: from Interlaken to Wengen


Welcome to Wengen.

The train is the easiest way to go from Interlaken to Wengen, especially since tourist cars are not allowed inside this environmentally friendly resort.

This is the train route, in photos.

Taking the Berner – Oberland Bahn from Interlaken …

Berner - Oberland Bahn

Berner - Oberland Bahn

Berner - Oberland train

Berner - Oberland train

… through Wilderswil – Schynige Platte…

Wilderswil - Schynige Platte

… and Zweilutschinen…


Zweilutschinen train station.

… winding through the mountains…

Winding through

… up to the Lauterbrunnen station.


Arriving in Lauterbrunnen.

Changing trains in Lauterbrunnen…

Coat of arms

Canton of Bern (left) and Lauterbrunnen (right) coats of arms, with the Swiss flag in the middle.

… taking the Wengernalpbahn rack railway …


… and finally, arriving to Wengen:

Arriving to Wengen

"Look: Wengen!"

Wengen railway station

Visiting the resort …

Wengen resort

… and, of course, the souvenir shops.

Souvenir shop

"What should I get?"

Saying good bye to the fabulous mountains of Wengen:

Mountains in Wengen

Wengen landscape

This is it! We hope you enjoyed it and we’ll be waiting for you to follow along for the rest of our stories from Switzerland. Next time: Montreux!

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  1. Amiya says:

    I think this idea of photo essay is cute. The images we’re very natural and nice. My favorite would be the picture with the hand pointing towards the word “Wengen”. 🙂

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