Taking a Break on the Beaches of Portugal


You have plans to make 2014 the year that you arrive professionally.  With an aggressive plan to advance within your field of speciality, or to launch that business that you’ve always dreamt of starting, you will be quite busy in the months ahead.

However, don’t neglect your mental and emotional stability going forward, as pushing too hard on these worthy objectives will inevitably cause you to burn out.  That’s why it is important to schedule downtime to refresh yourself during this otherwise hectic period.

In that light, why don’t you use this valuable R+R break to explore the beaches of Portugal?  Being a small Mediterranean country that has largely escaped notice compared to Italy, Greece and Spain, Portugal’s beaches are still relatively undiscovered by the masses.  As such, there are many places worth exploring – below, we profile three of them.

1) Nazaré

Most famous for its massive record breaking swells that well up in the winter off the sea cliffs nearby, the main beach of Nazaré is a great place for those that are invigorated by the wild, open ocean. With the wide sands allowing room for many people to stretch out and enjoy the salty air, and outdoor restaurants near the beach that grill freshly caught fish, the town is just as much as a draw as the aforementioned cliffs just outside town, where people watch in morbid curiosity as the world’s most daring extreme athletes try to tame some of the biggest swells known to man.

2) Cabanas de Tavira

Lying in a nature reserve close by a former fishing village, Cabanas de Tavira is a beach that has been protected from human alteration due to its fortunate location.  While the word about this place is starting to get out, fuelling property development in the nearby village, this place still retains much of its natural characteristics, being backed by dunes and with access to the beach only permitted by water taxi.

3) Praia da Marinha

Often serving as the poster child for the Algarve region of Portugal, this cliff-backed beauty should be the beach that you visit above all others if time is a concern.  Over the ages, the tides have carved many arches in the sandstone of the promontories that frame this beach, which only magnifies the attractiveness of this place in the minds of all that visit it.  The relative difficulty of access here keeps crowds down here compared to the big urban resorts, as you can only get here via a steep, narrow set of stairs carved into the rock face.

Portugal is easy to get to from most of the world and you can search flights on respected sites such as Flybe etc… You may have big plans this year, but don’t derail them by focusing too heavily on work.  By making time for quiet, contemplative places like the beaches of Portugal, you can bring your life back into balance, giving it meaning, and improving your chances of success in your business endeavours.

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