Crossing The Atlantic In Class: What To Do On The Queen Mary 2


Possessing a luxurious history that stretches back through to the middle of the 19th century, top cruise lines have catered to those that require a high level of service for longer than most of their contemporaries, so they know what they are doing.

Matching this premium level of service is a ship that commands respect from punier vessels wherever she sails, as the Queen Mary 2 is almost long as the Empire State Building is high, measuring in at a gargantuan 1,132 feet!  With all the amenities that come with a ship that is as big and posh as this, it can be hard to know where to start once you have settled your belongings in your stateroom.

Cruising has become a popular holiday option for many people across the world, but no voyage has carried quite the same prestige as a trip across the Atlantic upon Cunard Line vessels. To help you make the most out of your trans-oceanic journey of a lifetime, we have compiled a list of suggested activities that will get you out of the lower hold and into the thick of on-board activities!

A night at the theatre

The Royal Court theatre is a world class floating entertainment nexus for those that appreciate the fine arts over more pedestrian forms of amusement.  Featuring a variety of high quality musical and theatrical productions through the course of the cruising season, its abundance of well-positioned seating means that you’ll always have a perfect line of sight that will enable to you to enjoy these immensely talented entertainers to the greatest extent, no matter where you are located in the auditorium!

Experience the wonders of the Universe

If the sciences speak to your soul more so than the arts, then spending a healthy chunk of your time in the Queen Mary 2’s well-equipped planetarium should be a priority for you. With a complete lack of light pollution in the midst of the mid-Atlantic, conditions for star and planet gazing are optimal, a fact of which their state of the art equipment takes advantage.

An exquisite dinner at The Britannia

As your stroll down the spiral staircase that will remind you of the closing scene from the movie Titanic, where Rose finally is reunited with Jack in the afterlife, the Britannia restaurant contains a variety of dishes that will make you feel like the upper-class aristocrats portrayed in the aforementioned movie, with selections like Chicken En Croute or Black Mussels Mariniere.

With the wind at your back…

While you should enjoy all the decadent delights that await you aboard the Queen Mary 2, don’t forget about the key novelty of going on a cruise, which is the experience of truly being at sea, with nothing but deep blue ocean stretching all the way to the far-away horizon, and a stiff, salty, and refreshing breeze blowing through your hair.  Spending time on deck every day should be a priority, even in less than perfect conditions, as connecting yourself to your external environment will be the thing that ties this whole trip together.


While sailing on a trans-Atlantic voyage upon the Queen Mary 2 may not be the cheapest journey you’ve ever made, everybody needs a little splurge in their life from time to time.  After all, if you don’t find the time to let your hair down every so often, what’s the point of it all?

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