Ibiza Welcomes Hippies


Admittedly, hippies created a great milestone in cultural development of the entire world. The so-called Flower People counted thousands like-minders in San Francisco, Morocco and South Europe, and reasonably some of the cultural relics might be discovered even today.

Especially, it is applied to Spanish island of Ibiza, one of the dreamlike places for music enthusiasts and clubbers. Less is aware of its hippie heritage and fewer visited Ibiza hippie-devoted resorts.

Hippies’ Communes

Lots of villages on Ibiza coastline are former communes of Flower People, who no doubts have found the perfect place to develop their movement – limitless natural landscapes, desired destinations for bohemian youth from Europe, widespread scent of patchouli and tropic flowers – all of these invested in advancement of hippie temper. At present, several resorts on the island still remain proud of their history.

Among them one can go to Sant Carles on the north east: besides numerous communes dating back to 1960s, the core was Anita’s Bar, opened and eagerly welcoming till nowadays. Eco Centre café in Sant Joan village is working now as well. It is here in this village the hippie cult of Bhagwan Rajnesh was launched, which is a mix of Buddhism, Daoism, sex and drugs. In Cala Salada hippies enjoyed lonesome meditations on a beach, with an endless view of the sea.

Anlantis was regarded by Flower People as sort of a sacred place, believed to possess extremely positive energy. In one of the caves some hippie has drown a Buddha figure, which later was framed with an impromptu altar. As yet devoted hippies go there with flowers and fruits.

Es Cavallet on Ibiza was the first nudist beach officially allowed in Spain in 1978. One can imagine how many hippies, rejecting any complexes and constraints, enjoyed rest in the area. Nonetheless, all hippie-related activities were banned by Spanish authorities.

The Day of The Drums
Massive gatherings of Flower People were often arranged in the bay of Benniras. Since 1960s, on every Full Sturgeon Moon, the place hosts local festival – The Day of The Drums. Originally, drummers gathered here to play music, thus contributing to the struggle for peace. In particular, the fest was revived in 1990s, during the first Gulf War, when dozens of peace-mongers headed to Benniras to express their protest.

Hippies’ Market
Mercado de Es Canar has been working for more than three decades, alerting an attention of hippie enthusiasts and, of course, tourists. Having started around a small bar El Hobbit, it developed into more than four hundred vendors, selling extravagant clothing, souvenirs, crafts, Buddha statuettes, amulets, herbs and oils. In summer season, it is opened on Wednesdays. Perhaps, there is no better place to perceive the culture of Flower People than in Mercado de Es Canar; visitors and salesmen look naturally in white cotton clothing, piercing and tattoo saloons welcome guests, and bars pop up everywhere around the place.

Hippies Turned Into Clubbers
No wonder that today Ibiza eagerly pleases music lovers and nightlife high-steppers. Though, will they contribute the same their predecessors did?

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