Why are Holiday Camps Still Doing so Well?

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Holiday camp vacations were the in thing in the 1950s and 60s, but over 50 years on and they’re still going strong. So, what is their secret to their undying success?

Holiday parks, such as Pontins, Butlins and Centre Parcs to name a few, are doing as well as ever, so we thought we’d delve a little deeper to find out what makes them so great, and why they’re a surprisingly appealing type of holiday.

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One of the most obviously appealing aspects of a package holiday camp trip is that they are really reasonably priced, and that everything is included so there is nothing for you to worry about or organise yourself when you book your short break UK.

Most camps offer the option to go self catering or to have your meals included too, so you can either have a bit of freedom when it comes to dinner time, or you can relax knowing that’s one less stress to think about as you turn up to a fully prepared meal.

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Keeping the kids entertained is a huge part of going on holiday which can feel like a stress at a time where you’re supposed to be relaxing and enjoying yourself too.

Therefore holiday parks are great as they usually have a packed schedule of exciting and fun things for your little ones to do and try, and you can either sit and watch them enjoy themselves or leave them to it, under the careful eye of the children’s entertainers.

Parks that have great activities are also good for encouraging little ones to be active too, as camps like Centre Parcs allow you to rent bikes and explore the beautiful scenery as you cycle.

Or you could simply explore by foot and see what nature wonders you can find!

Good parks are also always equipped for the UK’s less desirable aspect – the bad weather.

As us Brits are used to not exactly being doused in sunshine 24/7, camp leaders will have taken this into consideration when it comes to planning activities and things for the kids to do.

There will be lots of indoor options should the heavens decide to open and therefore there won’t be any disappointed faces!


It’s also no happy accident where the popular holiday camps are located. They’re often found in some of the nicest parts of the UK, close to coastlines or in idyllic little towns to continue the holiday, getaway feel.

One of our favourites is in a spot called Camber Sands in East Sussex, as it is a lovely little seaside town near Kent where you can have a day at the beach as part of your holiday, if you like.

Most great holiday camps have locations at many parts of the UK which is also really good when it comes to travelling to and from the destination. This is a huge advantage over going abroad as a short car journey definitely beats a long flight any day.

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