Discovering Lanzarote’s Active Side


When most people dream of flying off to the Canary Islands, their minds are consumed by thoughts of sun loungers, beaches, and fruity cocktails.  While many are placated by these relaxing thoughts, there is a segment of the population that can’t sit still for more than five minutes. While these folks are likely to enjoy their fair share of time at the beach, they are likely to get bored of it quickly, and start to seek out watersports, and during their days away from the beach, active preoccupations like trekking.

For them, discovering Lanzarote’s active side is not an idle thought of fancy, but a burning desire. So that you might placate it, we have put together a guide to this island’s top natural sights, and the best way one can see them, while meeting your needs for physical activity.

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Terrific Treks

While hiking within Timanfaya National Park is heavily restricted to protect delicate flora and fauna within the mostly sterile (but hauntingly gorgeous) landscape, there are many other locales on Lanzarote that are worthy of a good stroll.  The  austere volcanic landscapes and epic views of the wild surf and arid landscape below can be had from the Famara Cliffs, and the empty beaches and steep promontories of La Graciosa lie open to your wandering feet, making trekking an activity that is well worth the time spent doing it.

Dive Into A Technicolour Paradise

The waters off Lanzarote have been considered by diving enthusiasts to be among the best in the European Union, and from the second you descend into the depths, it will be apparent why, as the coral structures and marine life covers most of the spectrums of the rainbow. While swimming amongst sea turtles, manta rays, massive ground fish and steep underwater volcanic walls, you will realize that this will rank highly among the best dives of your life.

Shoot The Pipeline

Those looking to ride the robust surf of Lanzarote (or learn how) should base themselves in Caleta de Famara, a cosy village situated on the island’s northeast coast.  With many rental shops that will supply newbies with boards, and plenty of schools waiting to instruct you on how to make the magic happen out on the water, it is a perfect place to learn this chill spot. Some breaks have nothing but hard coral lying beneath when you wipeout, so be sure to ask knowledgable locals what the best breaks are before you head out (especially if you are a novice).

Lanzarote: Perfect For Active Travelers

While most beach getaways are supremely relaxing, some aren’t the best for supporting the fidgety need of active travelers to get moving.  Lanzarote has tons to offer for the outdoors/sports addict, allowing for stimulating activities for any particular day of your trip to this perpetually mild Spanish island.

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