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With March 21st past us, spring (at least according to the calendar on your wall) has sprung.  For many of us though, winter remains with us like a relative that can’t take a hint, so if you are in this situation, use these chilly times to start planning your blowout summer trip with a sense of anticipation and glee!

In this regard, we recommend that you place Greece squarely in your radar this year, as this nation begins to slowly recover from the disastrous recession that it has suffered over the past five years.  A silver lining to these troubles though is that it has had the effect of lowering prices in many places in an effort to draw travelers back to their pristine islands that dot the Mediterranean and the Aegean.

In the latter body of water, the island of Zakynthos (also known as Zante for short) is a particularly tantalizing place to base yourself during the summer months. In order to properly convince you to book some Zante holidays for you and your family via a provider such as Direct Holidays, this post will show off some jaw dropping beaches present on this isle.

Before you finish this post, it is quite likely that you will be pre packing for a trip that won’t depart for months on…!

1) Shipwreck Beach

While some have grown to dislike this ridiculously gorgeous beach due to its overwhelming popularity, once you experience with your own eyes, you will see why people from around the world flock to this hidden sandy alcove.  Hidden from the main sandy coast by several miles of rugged coastline and cliffs, Shipwreck Beach derives its name from a rusting hulk of a freighter that ran aground decades ago in the bay, and has been wasting away at a snail’s pace since then.

At times in the high season, the crowds can approach the intensity seen at a similar beach in Thailand, Koh Phi Phi Le.  In order to avoid this madness to the largest degree possible, attempt to visit during the shoulder season (June or September) to get the most relaxing trip possible.

2) Porto Vromi

If crowds on the scale just described repulse you at any significant size, there is an alternative nearby that while it isn’t as drop dead gorgeous as Shipwreck, it is still possesses a serene beauty that makes a day trip here well worth the effort.  Like the former beach, facilities here are next to non-existent, so be sure to pack water and a lunch, as once you arrive, these things may escape your attention as you explore your detailed surroundings.

The caves that dot this narrow sandy cove will draw much of your interest, while views of rocks and cliffs will keep you floating in the crystal clear waters staring at them, with so much as a care in the world!

3) Alykanas

If you want to stick to a beach with traveler services, but want to be wowed by the sights that unfold before you, then staying on Alykanas beach is hardly the worst choice you’ll make during your stay on Zante. The central attraction here is the recent abandoned wreck of a sailing boat that ran aground in the shallow soft sand of the bay just off the main beach here, which makes for stunning pictures, and a fun play thing for adventurous kids and adults (be safe though!)

Zante is your Beach Nirvana

Greece’s islands have man y memorable beaches, but the ones that Zante features might just best them all.  It is no small manner stating this, but from full service tourist beaches, to isolated sandy coves where solitude is your best friend, Zante offers a balance of experiences that is hard to match!

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