Beach Hopping On Turkey’s Turquoise Coast


The snow is melting away, the crocuses are pushing up through the ground, all of which can only mean one thing: after a delightful spring that is about to commence, summer is just around the corner.  Yes, the days where you’ll be feeling the sand between your toes are imminent, with the only question being: which beach will you be leaving footprints on this year?

Spain was sweet two years ago, Greece was gregarious last season, but this year, it’s Turkey’s time to shine, as this transitional nation between Europe and the Middle East holds plenty to interest you during your stay there.  Your primary interest though lies in the seaside slices of heaven that your destination has to offer, and along the Turquoise Coast of Turkey, there are plenty of them to be explored.

You don’t have forever though (you certainly wish you did), so you’ll need to limit your time to a select few.  To take the onerous task of evaluating and picking off your hands so you plan your Turkish Holidays with an expert, they have shortlisted three beaches in particular that are virtually guaranteed to wow you when first lay eyes upon them.

1) Patara

Being one of windiest and most deserted beaches of the three, those looking for some introspection time or some energy for their wild spirit will take a strong liking to Patara Beach. Though the beach is getting more popular, the more populated place on the beach appears as an insignificant blip on this incredibly wide and long strip of sand, as its twelve kilometre length gives plenty of room for everybody.  Its location within a national park heavily restricts development, so be sure to make time for this rare unspoiled getaway.

2) Kabak

Those seeking dramatic scenery to go with their carefree sunbathing and swimming will find Kabak to be a fine choice, as the steep coastal mountains of the Lycian Way form a massive rock wall that hides this paradise from the massive developments just up the coast. Your company on the beach is likely to be quite interesting, as backpackers challenging the aforementioned trail often rest or stop for the night here, pitch their tents, or staying in a tree house close by.

3) Iztuzu

If encounters with sea turtles are high on your list of desired life experiences, then a journey to Iztuzu Beach should figure greatly in your plans.  In addition to sighting them off the waters of this beach, conservation minded travelers can also join efforts to help them if they so choose, which have proven successful in boosting loggerhead turtle numbers over the years. With a sea beach and a lagoon, there are multiple options to cool off, but stay away from the river mouth on the beach, as there are dangerous currents that are present here.

Venture away from the resort beach for a few days

While it’s nice to chill at the resort’s house beach, and convenient to do so, it is often that the best beaches out there have to be pursued with great effort to be enjoyed.  By taking the time to track them down, you will have a beach experience that you will remember for a very long time.

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