Corsica’s Coolest Sun Destinations


Taken in by its intriguing location in the Mediterranean, its French heritage, as well as its scintillating beaches, Corsica is squarely in your sights for your upcoming holiday. Backed by towering mountains in the interior and heavily inspired architecture in its towns and cities, planning a beach holiday on this lesser known French island (some some unknown reason) will be a joyous task.

After the cruelty inflicted upon you during one of the harshest winters in recent memory, you are more than ready to take an exciting singles holidays in the sun.  To help you select the portion of Corsica that is in line with your needs, we will profile a centre on the south, north and west coasts of this island, each of which has its own individual character.  Let’s get started!

1) Porto Vecchio

If a quiet retreat away from the responsibilities of your modern life is what you seek, then Corsica’s longest running resort area will be to your liking.  While the area is known as Porto Vecchio, the actual beach and hotel zone is located well away from the town proper (10 minutes in good traffic), limiting the possibilities for those seeking a throbbing nightlife.

For couples and families with impressionable children though, it makes this area perfect for their needs, and if you simply enjoy a beach with dramatic beauty, minus the 24/7 party culture that is present at many other Mediterranean sun destinations, Porto Vecchio will prove to be an excellent place to you to relax as well.

2) Porticcio

Fans of spectacular sunsets and a more lively party scene will want point their sails to guide them towards the west coast of Corsica, where the resort destination of Porticcio  draws the young crowd in greater number than many other places in this island.  Teach yourself to surf in the active swells during the day, secure in the knowledge that the drinks you’ll be having later that night will dull the pain f your wipeouts, and the friends made along the way will be there to celebrate alongside you!

3) Calvi

If you have a taste for the finer things in life (at least when you’re on holiday), then the northern town of Calvi will satisfy your need to be pampered when away from your normal life.  Luxury hotels and fine restaurants can be found in abundance around the three miles of beach that comprise Calvi’s centre of tourist activity, but this place isn’t just noteworthy for its upmarket attractions.  The beach and mountain views that can be had here are among the finest in all of Corsica.

Discover France’s Beach Paradise This Summer

If you though that the French Riviera was all that France had to offer in terms of summer time beach getaways, then we hope this article spilled their not so small secret to you.  Corsica has been under-promoted compared to other destinations in the region (like the Canaries or the Balearic Islands), and we hope you will discover its charms before this state of affairs changes in the future.

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