Atlanta Attractions That Are Worth Your Valuable Time


For those looking for a city break in America’s rapidly growing Southeast, no center in the region has the buzz that Atlanta has. Dubbed by many as the Capital of the New South with respect to its prowess in commerce and modern attractions, those seeking a break from the monotony of their everyday routine will certainly find it in this gleaming metropolis.

While there are many landmarks that will interest certain sets of people, it is the desire of many to have at least a few attractions that are “can’t miss” in nature on their itinerary, just to ensure that their trip to a destination will be a fruitful one.

If you are of this mindset, we feel that you find the following three Atlanta attractions will be worthy of your valuable time on your upcoming visit to Atlanta, Georgia.

1) World of Coca-Cola

After picking up an Atlanta attractions pass, make sure the first highlight that you use it on is the World of Coca-Cola. This interactive museum pays homage to the world’s most successful and famous soft drink through an exciting 4D presentation, a pop art gallery featuring works of art containing the Coca-Cola brand (including the works of Norman Rockwell and Andy Warhol), and taste tests that take you through the 60 plus drinks that the company sells around the globe. The tour ends with you being given a keepsake bottle of Coke, made just for you on the museum’s customized bottling line.

2) CNN Studios

Being home to the world’s first cable news network, CNN has single-handedly changed how journalism was conducted in the late 20th century. This television channel’s story is still being told in the present day, and there is no better way to understand how breaking globally significant news works than to go on a tour behind the scenes at CNN.

Over the course of an hour, you’ll learn how the network brings the news to over 1 billion people in over 212 countries in real time, after which you’ll get to attempt to read the news just like the big time anchors do … no pressure!

3) High Museum of Art

If you are a lover of the fine arts and you need your fix of original paintings, sculptures, and other decorative pieces, the High Museum of Art will satisfy your cravings. Being the largest gallery of its kind in the American Southeast, this institution holds over 14,000 works in its collection, which includes works from artists such as Claude Monet, Giovanni Bellini, and many other composers that are well known in the visual arts world.

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