UK Accommodations for All Budgets


Whether you are traveling alone or with a bunch people, there are surely a lot of places to visit and things do in the United Kingdom. After all, it is a colorful utopia that unified four nations including England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland for about 300 years now. Home to The Beatles and the Queen, this destination also serves as a safe nest to a myriad of people of various languages and religion, making it an intriguing cultural epicentre. 

Aside from its long and gripping history, the United Kingdom is also being frequented by many travelers, thanks to its wealth in mesmerising sights and spectacular extravaganzas. If you want to join their experience, but feel a bit overwhelmed with the endless UK accommodation options, here are a few other things you can try to stay on your budget:

Luxury Cotswold Cottages

The Cotswolds is an area of the UK which is very popular to travelers because of its postcard-perfect view. The Cotswolds boasts a plethora of rolling hills and farm fields that would make you feel as if you were in a movie scene, like the Sound of Music poster, for example.

Cottages in this area are made beautifully from Cotswold stone, which is actually a yellow Jurassic limestone. Luxurious retreats, holidays, weddings and parties are also offered in these types of accommodations. So, it is perfect not just for solo travelers and couples, but also for small families and big groups. One of the best experiences in staying in a luxury Cotswold cottage is perhaps being able to enjoy the best and freshest local food because of the shops and farmers’ markets found nearby.

Character Cottages have one of the widest ranges of accommodation available to choose from in the area. 

Large Group Accommodation

Travelling as a group will always save you a fortune, whether you decide to have your holidays in the United Kingdom or anywhere else in the world. Large group accommodations are often catered by travel and booking agencies. Also, you could ask for quotation from the company where you plan on getting transportation and accommodation.

How do large groups end up with bigger savings that traveling alone or in a small group? Most of the expenses are being shared by everyone who is availing of the service. If you decide to rent a house or a big room as a group, then you can maximize the space and divide the costs among yourselves.

There are plenty other ways in which you can enjoy your UK getaway no matter what level of budgeting you have in mind. All you need is some resourcefulness and perhaps some negotiation skills so you could charm the owners (or managers) and work your way to a discounted price.


Taking a campervan tour is by far one the best ways to explore the UK on a budget. Numerous companies like this one offer travelers the chance to tour the country through renting, and you could also have yourself picked up and dropped off at the airport. But if you plan to take road trips more often, then buying one could also be a good and plausible option for you. Many travelers find this type of travel to be easier on the pocket, as it can work out much cheaper than flying or taking the bus and staying in hostels or bed and breakfasts.

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