3 Places to Stay on Your Holiday in Greece


Despite the economic turmoil affecting the country, Greece continues to be a premier destination, when it comes to European getaways. With a rich culture, unspoiled mountains in the mainland, 6000 beautiful islands and picturesque coastlines, there is just so much that Greece could offer, leaving its visitors wanting more.

As one of Europe’s most beloved tourist destinations, a holiday in Greece also offers a number of ways for any type of traveler to stay, whatever their preferences or budget limitations may be. And, whether you are traveling as a couple out for a romantic retreat or with the whole family just to escape the busy life, Greece can offer you whatever you need.

Beautiful Villas

Greece is dotted with luxury and traditional villas that are perfect for families and couples, who are looking for a peaceful retreat in order to escape the daily grind of city living. Many of these beautiful villas are nestled right on top of mountainous areas, providing the most stunning views of the Greek islands.

There are also a number of villas that are near or even on the beach, so you and your loved ones could swim in the clean, blue waters to your hearts’ content. The beautiful villas in Greece is the right choice for travelers with a bigger budget.

Traditional Houses

If experiencing Greek culture at its finest is your kind of European vacation, then opting to stay in a traditional house is right your best bet. These traditional houses are the closest you will ever get to living in a local house, and you can stay in one located in independent residential areas or those belonging to large resorts.

Traditional houses often provide its guests with a taste of Greek living, including modern facilities and perhaps a patio or balcony to enjoy the surrounding views. If you choose to stay in a traditional house in a residential area, then you can just get out of the house and say “hello” to your neighbors, or have a chat with them, allowing you to experience Greek life like a true local.

Boutique Hotels

Another way to have a luxurious getaway during your vacation in Greece is to stay in a boutique Greek hotel. Boutique hotels offer a very intimate and comfortable service, so you can be assured that settling in this beautiful European country will be very easy.

Boutique hotels in Greece are fitted with most modern facilities, so if you feel like living without city comforts is something you cannot do, this place is definitely for you. Whether you are travelling as a couple or as a family, these types of hotels have everything that you need and so much more.

Since there are a lot of beautiful villas, traditional houses and boutique hotels to choose from in Greece, make sure to take time to look around first, before making a decision. What is offered in one accommodation may not be offered in another, so make sure that you have looked through all the details – including what view you would like see every morning of your stay in Greece – and have a grand time during your special European vacation.

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