How to Avoid The Cookie-Cutter Maui Vacation


When traveling on holidays or family vacations all over the world, people are often simply shuttled from an air-conditioned airport in an air-conditioned bus to an air-conditioned hotel. Maui, like many other tropical destinations, has many all-inclusive resort options for you to choose from.

However, many travelers today are looking for an experience that’s a bit outside of the traditional resort setting. Of course, there is no way for you to actually experience the day-to-day lifestyle of most Hawaiians without actually moving here and entrenching yourself into the local culture.

However, there are certainly ways to immerse yourself in local traditional and cultural activities during your stay in Maui. If you’re looking to get away from the traditional cookie-cutter Maui vacation, there are plenty of private Maui vacation rentals to choose from all over the island.

In an effort to help you learn more about local Hawaiian culture during your stay on Maui, here are a few suggestions for how to get out and explore the wonderful history and cultural identity of the Hawaiian Islands:

Grab A Local Newspaper

The newspaper is a great way to find out about upcoming events that will be taking place during your stay on Maui. Because the local paper is largely circulated for the benefit of full-time Maui residents, you’ll find schedules for local concerts, luaus, hula festivals, and other events and gatherings as well.

The Maui News is the most widely circulated newspaper on the island, and it’s published three times a week with information on state and local news, sports, entertainment, and classifieds. Check out the Maui News official website here.

Check Out The Schedule At The Maui Cultural Center

The Maui Cultural Center is a can’t-miss stop for anyone looking to learn more about traditional island culture. The center hosts a number of fun-filled events, including concerts from some of the leading slack key guitar players on the island.

The Maui Cultural Center is home to a variety of shows, exhibits, cultural displays, and educational opportunities. It’s sure to provide enjoyment for the whole family! Learn more about upcoming events at the Maui Cultural Center on their website here.

Buy Local Groceries

One of the most overlooked aspects of traveling to a new place is finding a way to put money back into the local economy during your stay. Buying local goods and groceries is a great way to support the local economy wherever you’re traveling.

On Maui, there are many amazing farmer’s markets and organic grocery stores to choose from. If you pass through Paia, be sure to stop into Mana Foods to buy freshly picked guavas or organic strawberry bananas harvested right here on the island.

As a visitor to Maui, the locals certainly appreciate your efforts to minimize your negative impacts on the environment, while also doing what you can to positively contribute to the local economy. We hope to see you in Maui real soon! Mahalo!

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