How to spend a perfect summer day in Barcelona

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If Spain is in your plans this summer, you might be looking to include Barcelona in your itinerary, and why not? This former Olympic host has a wealth of cultural institutions, stunning beaches and amazing places to eat, making a summer day in Barcelona nothing less than a joyful experience from start to finish.

What should you do when you visit sunny Barcelona in 2015? This post will guide you to the best experience that can be had in Barcelona in the summer time…

1) Enjoy a long, luxurious breakfast/brunch

In a town with so many outstanding restaurants, there are many places where you can start your day with a fine meal. DosTrece offers American and British favorites on their menu like Eggs Benedict and French Toast, while the Federal Cafe is a great choice for those seeking to have a delightful brunch in an unbeatable al fresco setting … be sure to try their eggs and sausages!

2) Appreciate the intricate beauty of La Sagrada Familia

A colossus of a construction project, Gaudi’s greatest gift to the world won’t be officially complete for at least five more years (construction began back in 1882), but the interior of this ornate cathedral is worth it for the rich features contained within, despite the work being done on the exterior and the somewhat pricey admission fee. In addition to getting out of the hot Spanish sun, Sagrada Familia possesses many minute touches to its columns, facades and sculptures that will have you exploring it for hours.

3) Go for a stroll along La Ramblas

While this strip is a touch on the touristy side, the presence of mass amounts of foreigners means that there are plenty of amusements that make it well worth walking up and down it for about an hour or so.
Many artists and buskers can be found along its length, as well as many unique boutiques and restaurants if you are feeling like having a snack at this point.

Enjoy yourself, but watch out for pickpockets, as many fellow tourists are so distracted by the shows on this street that those with sticky fingers have their choice of easy targets.

4) Hit the beach

At this point, the heat of a Barcelona afternoon will have sapped your will to see nay other sights. Don’t fight it – go get changed into your swimsuit and hit the beach. There are at least nine beaches to choose from in a city named the world’s best beach city by National Geographic, and with temperatures staying well above 20 degrees Celsius until mid-October, the swimming season is long, so don’t think you can’t jump in the Mediterranean even though it’s September!

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