Discovering the islands of the Koh Chang archipelago

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Want to give Thailand a chance, but don’t want to tangle with the mass tourism development that is so prevalent in many of this country’s resort areas?

Then plan your beach time in the islands of the Koh Chang archipelago. Below, we’ll give you an idea of what to expect in this chain’s biggest destinations…

Koh Chang

The main island of Koh Chang is the obvious place to begin, as it is the largest isle in this grouping (and the second largest in the country; only Phuket is bigger).

Not overrun by the tourist hordes like many of its cousins in the south, yet possessing all the services you need to have a relatively comfortable holiday, it is a place that many repeat travelers to Thailand have taken a liking to over the years.

From package tour amenities at White Sand Beach, to tattoo shacks and backpacker bars at gorgeous Lonely Beach, this place has an environment that can fits the desires of any traveler.

What’s more, a mountainous, jungle-filled interior promises adventure for those that love nature and trekking. With peaks that soar above 2,000 feet above sea level, you’ll also have access to a view that few others will ever lays eyes on.

Koh Maak

If all the development that is presently on Koh Chang has you disillusioned, the Thailand that you have come to envision in your head lies only several kilometres more off the southern coast of the big island in the form of a place called Koh Maak.

Rimmed by white and red sand beaches, some of which have garnered awards for being the best in the world from leading newspapers such as the Sunday Times (United Kingdom), this place has been kept pristine by agricultural land owners that use most of the island’s interior for growing coconuts and pineapples.

This has largely shut out the louder, brassier aspects of the industry, making Koh Maak a place that countless people rave about.

Koh Kood

Want to have that dream holiday to the Maldives, but don’t think you can afford it? Koh Kood, located just over 10 kilometres to the southeast of Koh Maak, offers the ridiculously beautiful tropical setting that the former island nation is famous for, all at a fraction of the price it costs.

Most of the familiar tourist distractions are absent here, leaving only deserted stretches of beach, exclusive resorts designed to spoil their customers, and dive and snorkel operations for those looking to explore the world under the water.

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