Experiencing St Lucia on a budget


It is possible to experience St Lucia on a budget

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While the islands of the Caribbean are a popular holiday destination for many Europeans and North Americans, the inflated price tag that comes with many of these places can discourage many budget travelers.

St. Lucia falls into this category, but by following a few tips and tricks, this gorgeous isle can be within the reach that wants to explore its beautiful environs. Read up on them in the paragraphs below…

Take advantage of cheaper accommodations

St. Lucia is well-known among global jet-setters as a posh getaway. As a result of this, many of the hotels that can be found here can cost many hundreds or even thousands of dollars a night.

For those traveling on a shoestring, this financial burden is simply too much to bear. Fortunately, more affordable accommodations are available in St. Lucia, as there are many local guesthouses, apartments and houses available through sharing economy websites like Airbnb.

However, if you insist on staying in a hotel, there are many sites out there that focus on marketing bargain holidays to St Lucia to the sun starved masses in Europe and North America.

They periodically feature can’t miss deals on some of the best resorts on the island, so check this site out often to keep informed on the best offers out there.

Make lunch your biggest meal of the day

Don’t be intimidated by the pricey menus that you might see while walking through Soufriere. At lunch time, some excellent deals can be had on entrees that normally cost $20 or more, as set meals are often available for the equivalent of $10 or less at midday.

What’s more, there are restaurants that cater to the local population where one can get a taste of typical St. Lucian cuisine for less than $5.

Go souvenir shopping at one of St. Lucia’s many duty free stores

One of the things that travelers of all stripes are used to dealing with are the universal requests of family and friends back home to bring them plenty of souvenirs from their journeys abroad.

One of the advantages of going on holiday in St. Lucia is that there is a duty-free zone here where goods of all kinds are tax exempt.

So if you have a friend that loves dark Caribbean rum, top shelf perfume/cologne brands, or designer handbags, you can get your hands on these normally expensive products at a significant discount in the shops found in these districts.

Travel to St. Lucia during its rainy season

While it may seem risky to travel to Caribbean islands such as St. Lucia during the rainy season, the truth of the matter is that this time of year is completely misunderstood by most people from outside the region.

While the of St. Lucia’s annual precipitation does fall between the months of May and October, much of the rain that does fall comes during the overnight hours, or during torrential downpours that only last between thirty minutes to three hours on average.

The rest of the time, the sun shines just as brightly as it does during the winter, leaving you with plenty of opportunity to work on your tan.

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