The beaches of Little Corn Island: a guide 


Of all the things that draw people to Little Corn Island, the pictures of its deserted beaches usually top the list. As a result, it’s no wonder why the property for sale on Little Corn is selling so fast.

Adventurous expats that have no fear of discomfort are snapping up lots like crazy, wanting to be front and center on an island that has no shortage of great places to chill by the Caribbean Sea.

Below, we will discuss the various beaches that can be found around Little Corn Island…

The town beach: calm and convenient

The beach that can be found in town near the pier is the closest to the majority of accommodations that can be found on Little Corn, making it the easiest place to go for a dip on the island.

Being shielded from the prevailing winds make the air temperature here the highest on the island, which makes for some cozy water temperatures as well.

Its location also makes the waters here relatively calm, which makes the town beach an ideal place for visitors that are traveling with children.

If you want to be close by to all the convenience stores, restaurants, cafes and bars that can be found in the village, this is where you will want to go swimming during your time on Little Corn Island.

East Coast Beach: the prettiest Belle at the ball 

With pure white sand and waters that look like God kicked over a can filled with blue green neon paint,  those looking for the quintessential Caribbean experience will want to spend their time on the east coast.

Home to bungalow resorts such as Grace’s Cool Spot, there are a number of accommodations and small restaurants that can be found on this beach.

As a result, people that choose to locate themselves here will not be completely inconvenienced by the lack of services compared to the main village. If you plan on backpacking here, you’ll need a camping rucksack with a lot of features.

The South Cape: wild and wooly

Reaching the South Cape is not an easy task, as the trails that lead here are a roughly hacked path through the jungle, followed by a steep descent to a beach that is constantly bombarded by waves driven by prevailing winds.

While swimming here is not a great idea due to strong currents, the stark beauty of this place makes it well worth the effort that it will take to reach the South Cape.

Yemaya Resort Beach: they staked this place out for a very good reason

A great way to find the best beaches in the world: figure out where the most expensive resorts are, and then check out the coastline upon which their property is situated.

Yemaya Resort  is one of the spendiest hotels on the island by far, and the beach that it faces is definitely among the top two places to spend time in the sun on Little Corn Island.

With a restaurant and bar that serves some of the most inspired cuisine on Little Corn found here,  spending the day and then having dinner here afterwards is a great way to spend one of your days on this Caribbean island paradise.

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