Vegas beyond the casinos: things to do to entertain yourself


There is a Vegas beyond the casinos

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Of all the things people do when visiting Vegas on holiday, spending time in the pits playing blackjack and roulette is a stereotype that endures to this day.

However, there is so much more to do in 21st century Las Vegas, that you could spend your entire holiday entertaining yourself here without dropping a single silver dollar in a slot machine.

If you want to experience Vegas beyond the casino, spend some time visiting the attractions listed below…

1) Check out the Hoover Dam

The electricity to run all those twinkling lights on The Strip has to come from somewhere. In the Las Vegas area, the source of the juice that powers its economy comes from the Hoover Dam, a massive piece of infrastructure that has been lauded as one of the most ambitious civil engineering projects in American history.

Started during the Great Depression as part of an infrastructure program designed put mass amounts of unemployed citizens back to work, its massive turbines now generate 4.2 billion kWh of power annually, although drought has limited its usefulness in recent years.

Tours will take you to see turbines are larger than you could ever imagine, making it well worth the price of admission.

2) Attend a pool party

Starting in March and ending in October, many of Las Vegas’ finest resorts host regular pool parties that attract beautiful tourists and local alike to frolic under the warmth of the desert sun.

Accompanied by tunes spun by established and up-and-coming DJ’s, these events are create a fervor that only builds as opening dates approach in the spring.

Mandalay Bay’s Daylight is especially famous, as its weekend parties have crammed in 5,000 people to see acts such as Skillrex in the past.

3) Go indoor skydiving

Want to start pushing the envelope a bit more in your life, but afraid to make the huge jump to activities like bungee jumping and skydiving?

In Vegas, you can ease yourself into these sports by visiting Vegas Indoor Skydiving. Situated inside a vertically-aligned wind tunnel, people that want to experience this sport in a safe manner will have the opportunity to do so by jumping into 120 mile per hour winds.

Directed towards the roof of the silo, the person that jumps will instead float in the air, and will be slowly brought down to the ground as the fans beneath them slow down.

4) Play the machines at the Pinball Hall of Fame

Remember when the pinball machine was the king of the arcades? You can re-live this aspect of your past by dropping by the Pinball Hall of Fame.

More than just a museum for these popular games, you can actually drop a quarter in many of these machines and demonstrate your superior skills to amazed onlookers. Come on, you know you want to!

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