Best ways to enjoy a glorious summer day in the Big Apple

Central Park is always a good idea on an amazing summer day in the Big Apple

Photo by CC user Ingfbruno on Wikimedia Commons

Although some write-off New York City during the summer months, others can’t get enough of the heat and bright sunshine during this time.

If you are looking to make the most of great weather while you are in the Big Apple, the following suggestions will help you enjoy it alongside this city’s locals.

1) Hang out in Central Park

There is no better time to experience Central Park in its full glory than on a summer day. The trees are lush with leaves, the flower beds are exploding with colour, and the lawns are filled with locals socializing and enjoying each others company.

If you’d rather be by yourself, though, there are plenty of paths to follow which will take you past ponds, through forested glens, and to structures which have been here long before the first skyscraper in Manhattan reached towards the heavens.

2) Go to the beach

The beach? In NYC? Yes, it is possible to find an expanse of sand on which to sun yourself, and you can even go for a dip in the ocean.

While the sounds of the city will be present at places like Coney Island (sounds of the midway, throngs of kids, business flights to New York soaring overhead on their way to JFK), those seeking peace and quiet need only rent a Zipcar and head out to Jones Beach State Park, or hop on the ferry to Fire Island.

Surfers looking to get in some waves should head to Rockaway Beach in Queens, as it gets the most consistent swells from the Atlantic.

3) Grab some ice cream

Nothing goes together better than a summer day and ice cream; this fact is no less true in the Big Apple. Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream on the Lower East Side is a great choice for traditionalists, as they scoop up ice cream just like you remembered it as a kid.

Those who are more open-minded will still love this place, as they serve flavours like green tea alongside chocolate, but if your group is comprised of uncompromising hipsters, then you’ll have a better time cooling off at Black Tap.

Creating gaudy milkshakes topped with massive amounts of candy and ice cream, your diet will suffer, but your Instagram account will pop with enough likes and comments to make a visit here a worthy sacrifice.

4) Catch a rooftop movie

End your ideal summer day in New York City by catching a rooftop film. Put on by a non-profit organization on rooftops ranging from Trilok Fusion Center For The Arts to The Old American Can Factory, you could be exposed to anything from documentaries to old classics at the show you end up checking out.

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