Relax at these amazing Canadian beaches this summer

Grand Beach is one of many amazing Canadian beaches

Canada is known for many things: soaring mountains, maple syrup, and long winters, to name a few. Beaches don’t enter the conversation, though, as short summers make it difficult to market them to anyone but local residents.

Know that Canada is home to many unappreciated stretches of sand, any of which can become a highlight of your trip to the Great White North. Below, we’ll list a few of our favorites…

1) Jericho Beach

The west coast of Canada is not known for warm water, but there are a number of beaches in British Columbia that still manage to attract a crowd come summer time.

In the greater Vancouver area, Jericho Beach is a social hub that young people plan their days around when the weather is perfect.

Start your day with lunch at the Galley Pub & Grill patio (try the nachos), all as you watch sailing students learn how to pilot their teaching vessels.

Spend the rest of day throwing the frisbee around and soaking up the sun. If you dare, take a refreshing dip in Howe Sound.

If you want to cool off in waters that are less chilly, though, there is a public swimming pool in the adjacent park that can be easily accessed.

Catch a rainy day? You never have to wait long for the sun on the west coast in the summer months, so if this happens to you, just push your plans off into the next day.

In the meantime, fire up your tablet and chase the best casino bonuses on the internet, as there is nothing like a good game of blackjack to make an inclement weather day fly by.

2) Grand Beach

Plan on driving from coast to coast as a way to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday? If you are worn out by the time you hit Manitoba, turn north at Winnipeg until you reach Grand Beach.

A relaxing getaway for generations, this three kilometre stretch of white sand will allow you to chill out for an afternoon, all while giving you a chance to meet locals in a part of Canada that few tourists ever see.

A blue flag designation with surprisingly warm mid-summer water temperatures, Grand Beach is an excellent place for a beach day on your Canadian adventures this summer.

3) Wasaga Beach

Love Toronto, but getting slaughtered by mid-summer heat and humidity? Head north to Wasaga Beach.

Sprawling 14 kilometres along the shore of Lake Huron, this off-white sand beauty is the world’s longest freshwater beach.

While it is a popular destination for residents from the GTA and Barrie on weekends, it becomes the closest thing to a paradise beach that can be found in Canada on weekdays.

If you have to go on a weekend, know that it is easy to escape the crowds at any time, as its monstrous length means that you only need to go for a bit of a walk to find peace and quiet.

4) Parlee Beach

Warm water fans will find the best swimming in Canada in the Maritimes. While the Atlantic is rather frigid, the shallow waters of the Northumberland Strait warm up quickly under the strong rays of the summer sun.

With the first 30-degree days of the season arriving by the end of May, ocean temperatures can get up to 26 degrees Celsius by August.

While there are many local favorites in the region, Parlee Beach is by far the most popular. Located east of Moncton, New Brunswick, this beach is renowned as a summer holiday destination.

In addition to typical beach town activities that go on throughout the summer, this town has hosted numerous concert events in the past as well. If you are looking for a Canadian beach destination with a palpable party vibe, Parlee might be the right place for you.


Photo courtesy CC user boblinsdell on Flickr

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