5 Reasons to take a Honda Fourtrax ATV Adventure Tour in Costa Rica 


No matter how many times you have seen the Costa Rica jungle in pictures or videos, nothing will compare to having the experience of going inside of it and living the high temperatures and the wild flora and fauna.

The best way to experience it, is with an ATV Adventure which fills you with an adrenaline rush while you get to observe nature at its finest. A lot of people recommend the ATV experience like no other since it’s not only fun but also you will live the real unspoiled jungles of Costa Rica. Whether it is your first time, or you are an expert at it, this activity is open to everyone. 

Many ATV tours in Costa Rica use Honda Fourtrax ATV’s not only because they’re built tough but because of the quality of the Honda Fourtrax atv parts which ensure the riders that they’ll never encounter a breakdown on the trails. If you’re looking to explore a very rugged and remote area of Costa Rica consider the Osa Peninsula and enjoy some of the richest biodiversity in the world.

The Honda Fourtrax ATV tour, allows the rider to experience different type of scenarios and landscapes because the ATV’s are equipped for any adventure; also it provides them with the safest way to do it. Some tours in this jungle go through beaches and mountains, which is important to have the adequate equipment to experience them. A lot of the adventurers that have done this tour previously have said that the seats cushions are very comfortable, which will allow them to do tours up to 4 to 7 hours.

The ATV Hondas are fully equipped, and the tours provide them along with safety helmets and a tutorial on how to properly operate them.

Here are the reasons why you shouldn’t miss of this incredible experience:

Get a sight of the unique rain forest

You will get to see different types of flora like no other place in the rain forests. In your ride you will pass through different plantations of: rice, papaya, coffee, teak, and African palm. You will get to see the African Palm Orchard farm that takes up to 135,000 acres, and grows African palm fruit for the production of palm oil.

Meet traditional Costa Rican towns

You will meet the more rustic side of Costa Rica, as well as their natural ambiance and culture. Most of these places aren’t wildly touristic; therefore you will be able to experience a real sense of a traditional town. 

Experience the waterfalls, first-hand

The waterfalls are crystalline and completely refreshing. These built natural pools which tourists are encouraged to dive in to experience the real Costa Rican jungle.

The exotic animals are something that you don’t want to miss

Fauna like sloths, toucans, monkeys and a variety of tropical birds might cross your path in this wild adventure.

Adrenaline rush

Every vacation needs a sense of adventure and adrenaline, and this is the perfect activity to do so. Not only is it fun and safe for the whole family, but also it is an enriching and cultural experience. The speed depends on the person, and one can drive at its own pace enjoying their ride in their very own way. 

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