Exciting attractions to see on a trip to Uganda

A popular country in Central Africa for those looking to experience Africa in relative comfort, Uganda has a variety of attractions that will satisfy most types of visitors. Lovers of wildlife and outdoors will find plenty to love here – here’s what you should put on your must-see list while planning a trip to this country.

1) Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

If you re thinking about travelling to Uganda, seeing its world-famous mountain gorillas is probably high on your list. Grab a car hire with guide Uganda and a $600 viewing permit before leaving Kampala, and set off for the mountains in the southwest corner of the country.

Best visited during the dry season due to the poor conditions of roads during the rainy season, the trek to the gorilla groups may be tough, but the sweat expended will be worth it, as you’ll get a glimpse of some of our closest cousins in the animal kingdom.

2) Rafting on the Nile

If you’d rather self drive Uganda, you should be able to make the trip out to Jinja if you are comfortable with driving a car in Africa. Located on the Nile River near its source on Lake Victoria, this town is often used as a base for those looking to go white water rafting on the turbulent opening kilometres of the mighty Nile River.

Be aware this is no place for novices, as the rapids you’ll challenge approach Class V in difficulty. However, the water here is much warmer than more temperate areas of the world, making wipeouts here not as bad.

3) Sipi Falls

Consider yourself a sucker for waterfalls? Head out to the eastern sections of Uganda, where you find Sipi Falls. A series of three cataracts as high as 100 metres in height, the hike out to this place is no picnic, but their power will make the effort you put in worth it.

Love to rock climb? There are wilderness lodges in the area where you can stay for several days as you ascend and abseil amazing lines within sight of this thundering column of water.

4) Tea plantations

Asian countries don’t have a monopoly on tea production, as the highlands of Uganda produce their fair share of these fragrant leaves. Tours are held regularly throughout this nation’s tea country, and with plenty of glamping camps nearby, you’ll be able to enjoy a fresh cup from a local farm while looking out over the beautiful landscape and watching local wildlife pass by.

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