As the light of summer recedes, and the darkness of winter approaches, our energy begins to fade.  The onset of cold and snowy weather isn’t even the half of it.  The lack of warmth and luminescence from sol, our sun is the big problem.  It grants us rays of cosmic goodness that enable life on this Earth and can literally lift your mood through sufficient exposure.  It is for this reason that some people actively seek full-spectrum lighting therapy through the dark months of the year.


So what is one to do?  Grin and bear this inconvenience of living in the far northerly or southerly areas of the planet during the wintertime?  The excellent news is that with a little pre-planning, you don’t have to.  At our blog Travel To Sun, we encourage you to break away from the dark and stormy parts of the world (literally and figuratively), and travel to where the sun is: beaches, mountains, deserts, and so forth.  We publish inspiring articles that will make you want to pack your bags this second to soak up the rays on some distant exotic beach.  The Maldives?  Mauritius?  Thailand?  The Caribbean?  Brazil? We cover all these hot spots, and are committed to telling you about places just like these, where you can get re-acquainted with the sun in peace and solitude.


Similarly, there are many places, while the sun may not always shine, they still inspire your soul to come to life.  Many places in Europe, with their rich human history, intricate culinary traditions, and amazing geography will bring your listless spirit back to life, giving you the charge you need to keep going through the times of the year that are tough on many people from wintry climates.

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Now get out there and enjoy the sun while you can; after all, it can’t shine every day!