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FlyBLADE Review: On-Demand Helicopter App Everybody’s Dying to Experience

Have you ever found yourself wishing that you could grab a private helicopter ride about as easily as you could grab an Uber ride? Okay, probably not. But if you’ve ever wondered if you could take a helicopter ride at an affordable price, the answer is a giant, resounding YES. FlyBLADE, an on-demand helicopter app, […]


Have you ever sat in a $200,000 chair that’s been laboured over by a team of high-paid engineers and designers? You mightn’t think so, but you have if you’ve ever flown before – those padded, reclining miracles can cost well in excess of $200,000 each! That’s a long way from the wicker chairs used in […]

Infographic: Top Travel Apps

The days of bulky and outdated guidebooks is behind us. Today with the increases in technology, everything you might need is available in application form for your smartphone. Instead of old stale information you can get the latest information sent straight to your phone which is a lifesaver for countless situations. is for Hostel Booking

Probably the best way to save money when you travel is to book your accommodation in hostels, every time you find one in your route. In almost 100% of cases, hostels provide the cheapest accommodation and, for the budget traveler that doesn’t spend more than two consecutive nights in one single place, this may be […]