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Vegas beyond the casinos: things to do to entertain yourself

  Of all the things people do when visiting Vegas on holiday, spending time in the pits playing blackjack and roulette is a stereotype that endures to this day. However, there is so much more to do in 21st century Las Vegas, that you could spend your entire holiday entertaining yourself here without dropping a […]

Off the beaten track destinations in Indonesia

Photo by CC user Michael Gunther on Wikimedia Commons Love what you have found in Indonesia so far, but looking for some off-the-beaten-track destinations to escape the tourists? Below, we will describe some alternative spots to travel to in this very diverse country. Samarinda, East Kalimantan   Photo by CC user Hidayat008 on Wikimedia Commons Located on the […]

The beaches of Little Corn Island: a guide 

Of all the things that draw people to Little Corn Island, the pictures of its deserted beaches usually top the list. As a result, it’s no wonder why the property for sale on Little Corn is selling so fast. Adventurous expats that have no fear of discomfort are snapping up lots like crazy, wanting to […]

Roll out a towel on the finest beaches in the Mayan Riviera

The Mayan Riviera contains some of the world’s most spectacular beaches. Some are lined by villas that boast sleek modern design and all the hottest amenities, while others are blissfully deserted, with nothing but rustling palm leaves and crashing waves to keep you company. Below, we will highlight our favorite getaways in this magical part […]