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Discovering the west coast of South Africa

Ever wonder what lies along the sparsely populated west coast of South Africa? This post will give you an insight into what you can expect to find in this part of one of this continent’s most fascinating countries… Bird watch at Rocherpan Nature Reserve Love watching flocks of different species of birds congregate in the […]

Sad summer is over? Plan a southern hemisphere holiday to chase the sun!

Summer may be a fading memory throughout most of the North by now, but that doesn’t mean to have to succumb to the reality of winter completely over the next few months. Plan a southern hemisphere holiday, and flip the script on the seasons by taking a long haul flight any one of the following […]

Places to go in the world for guaranteed sunshine

Love escaping to the beach on holiday, but seem to be dogged by rain clouds everywhere you go? There are places to go in the world for guaranteed sunshine, and in this article, we will reveal a few of our our favorite places where wet weather won’t be a concern… Mancora, Peru While most travel […]

5 of the Most Affordable Luxury Hotels in the World

From the buzzing city of New York to the nonchalant streets of Cambodia, the travel encounter anywhere in the world is fun and exciting. You get to roam from place to place and shop until you drop in big shopping centers in some of the big cities. Yet, after a long tiring day, you just […]