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Basics of Camping in Australia for Tourists and Newbies 

Australia is just full of destinations to go camping. The Aussie coastline is much favoured among campers. Not only will you be able to get stunning coastal views, you can witness major natural events like whale and dolphin migrations. Australia also has the vast Outback that is unlike anywhere else in the world to explore. […]

Escape Dreary Weather with These Winter Surfing Destinations

by thehipmunk With an unseasonably warm December finally giving way to arctic-leveltemperatures in January, it might be time to plan a winter getaway and rediscover the sun and sand. Escape the threat of snow by heading to one of the five destinations below, known as some of the best surf spots during the winter months! […]

Four essential attractions in Oahu

Heading to Hawaii in the coming months? Chances are good that you might be spending all or some of your time there on the island of Oahu. If you are, the following attractions in Oahu will help you make the most of your time on Hawaii’s most populous isle… 1) Waikiki Beach and Diamond Head […]

Hit up the best beaches in Western Australia this (southern) summer

Planning on checking out the neglected side of Oz, but not sure what strips of sand to see? The best beaches in Western Australia are hard to choose, but we’ve done our best just for you (we’re nice like that)… 1) Cable Beach If there is any beach in Western Australia that you end up visiting, […]