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Sad summer is over? Plan a southern hemisphere holiday to chase the sun!

Summer may be a fading memory throughout most of the North by now, but that doesn’t mean to have to succumb to the reality of winter completely over the next few months. Plan a southern hemisphere holiday, and flip the script on the seasons by taking a long haul flight any one of the following […]

Places to go in the world for guaranteed sunshine

Love escaping to the beach on holiday, but seem to be dogged by rain clouds everywhere you go? There are places to go in the world for guaranteed sunshine, and in this article, we will reveal a few of our our favorite places where wet weather won’t be a concern… Mancora, Peru While most travel […]

How to Avoid The Cookie-Cutter Maui Vacation

When traveling on holidays or family vacations all over the world, people are often simply shuttled from an air-conditioned airport in an air-conditioned bus to an air-conditioned hotel. Maui, like many other tropical destinations, has many all-inclusive resort options for you to choose from.

Sydney’s Best Tourist Spots & Bars

Sydney city is located in the southeast coast of the Tasman Sea in Australia. It is a cultural hub of Australia and home to many internationally acclaimed museums and art galleries. Known to many as the host of many large social and cultural events, Sydney is one of the most preferable holiday destinations in the […]