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Best attractions in Slovenia to see this summer

Looking for the best attractions in Slovenia to see this summer? Below, we have outlined several places that might warrant inclusion on your itinerary… 1) Old Town of Ljubljana Begin your time in Slovenia by exploring the old quarter of Ljubljana, its capital city. With architecture influenced by the days of the Austrian Empire, and […]

Explore the Scottish Highlands this spring

Looking to explore the Scottish Highlands this spring? After getting over your jet lag and corralling your rental car in Glasgow, here are three places you should check out during your time in one of the world’s most beautiful mountainous regions… 1) Immerse yourself in nature at Glen Coe A deep, glacially carved valley with […]

Discover Patmos on a trip to Greece this summer

Find yourself craving a trip to Greece, but want to take a break from the usual spots? Why not discover Patmos, which is rife with cultural and natural assets that so many travelers overlook in their single-minded quest for Greek wine and sunshine (not that those are bad things, and yes, these things can be […]

What to see in Germany in 2016

Heading to Europe in 2016, and wondering what to see in Germany? This post will help you select attractions for your itinerary that will will please you and other members in your travel party… 1) Cologne Cathedral With 20,000 visitors per day, the Cologne Cathedral is one of Germany’s top attractions, making it the obvious […]