Enjoy a Good Driving Road? Try Stelvio Pass in Italy


Have you ever thought of cruising on an incredibly scenic road where the actual route you’re on is the destination? Well look no further because the fine people at Yourparkingspace have put together a comprehensive infographic of some of the best driving routes in Europe. I know, it’s hard to do because Europe is heavenly for those that like a good road trip but these spots stand out.

The Stelvio Pass is considered one of the most dramatic and highest mountain passes in continental Europe so it’s sure not to disappoint, just make sure you pay attention to the road if you’re the one driving and be prepared to make plenty of stops for photos. It’s a total distance of 30.3 miles and without stopping should take you slightly less than an hour and a half.

European Road Trips

5 Tips for Protecting Your Home When You Are Traveling


Whether you own your home or are renting, when it comes to traveling no one feels that their home is safe enough while they are away. Luckily, there are quite a few tips out there for protecting your home when you travel from renter’s insurance to hiring a house sitter. With that in mind, read on below for a few of the top tips for finding peace of mind when you’re on vacation.

Purchase Renter’s Insurance

One of the best ways to protect the contents of your home, whether it’s when you’re on vacation or all of the time, is by purchasing quality renter’s insurance. In this way, you are protected against intruders breaking into your home and stealing your valuables even when you’re at work or traveling. Renter’s insurance online is easy to purchase and can be done with a click of your mouse or a swipe of the screen. The important thing to remember is that your landlord’s property is covered from harm, the stuff you own on the inside of the house isn’t unless you have renter’s insurance to cover it.

Hire a House Sitter

If you own your home and are concerned about leaving it when you travel then hiring a house sitter is a great solution. Make sure that you do a complete background check on the house sitter before you sign on the dotted line to leave them in your house however.

Don’t Announce Your Plans

The worst thing you can do when you are going to be traveling away from home is to announce your plans all over social media. One extra step to take is making sure that your home address isn’t readily available on social media sites. Go in and remove anything that may have your address or phone number on it, such as party invitations or events you might have posted in the past.

Have a Home Security System Installed

Home security systems are more important than ever in today’s uncertain times. Most people already have a home security system and a company monitoring their home already. If you don’t and are going to be traveling, it’s a good idea to have one installed and alert the company monitoring your system that you are going to be traveling so they can keep an extra eye on your home.

Hold Your Mail and Newspaper Delivery

Nothing screams, “I’m not home,” like newspapers piling up on the porch or mail coming out of the mailbox. Before you head out on your travels make sure to put a hold on both through the proper channels. In this way, your stuff won’t be piling up, letting any and everybody know that no one is staying in your home.

These are just a few of the ways that you can protect your home when you are traveling. Whether you are on vacation or traveling for work, you need the peace of mind of knowing that your property and valuables are protected from whatever might happen. Purchasing renter’s insurance and holding your mail and newspaper delivery can help you with that and more.


Create an Amazing Family Vacation with Your Grandchildren by Staying in a Great Palm Springs Resort


Taking your grandchildren on vacation can be a great way to show them how much you love them and want to spend time with them. When you take them on vacation, you need to be sure to choose the destination carefully to ensure that there are plenty of

things to do during the trip so that they do not get bored. The following guide walks you through a few tips to use when choosing a great resort to take your grandkids to when you want to take them on vacation.

Consider the Location of the Resort

When choosing a resort to take your grandchildren to or vacation, you want to be sure to consider the location of the resort. Be sure it is located near sites that they want to see and fun things to do. There are many great Palm Springs resorts that are located in the heart of the city so that you can go and do many different things without having to travel for hours on end.

Consider the Amenities that Are Available at the Resort

It is important to realize that you and the grandkids will not want to spend a majority of your vacation sitting in the room. Choose a resort that has many great amenities for you and the children to enjoy during your stay. Choosing a resort with a game room, pool, and even a hot tub provides you and the children with fun things to do without even having to leave the resort.

Consider the Dining Options

Consider a resort that has numerous dining options on site. This will allow your family to grab something to eat anytime you choose so that you never have to hear someone complain about being hungry. It also allows you to go with the flow while you are on vacation and ensure everyone can easily get something they like to eat for each meal. For younger children, it is great to order food to go because you do not have to try to keep them still or quiet in a restaurant. Your family can eat in the room to make things more casual and really enjoy a stress-free vacation.

Consider the Room Options within the Resort

If you are going to be traveling with numerous children, you need to be sure to choose a resort that has suites available. Staying in a suite will ensure that you and your grandchildren have plenty of room to move around when you are in your room. You also want to be sure that there are ample sleeping arrangements available so that no one feels cramped or uncomfortable when it is time to lay down at night.

Consider the Activities Offered by the Resort

There are some resorts that have special activities available for younger children. Choosing a resort that offers activities for younger children will ensure that the children are always entertained and give you an opportunity to spend time with the older children while you are on vacation. The activities that are offered are led by trusted employees of the resort so that you can have peace of mind that your grandchildren are safe even when they aren’t with you.

If you feel that this is the type of vacation that is right for your family, book it as soon as you can. You want to be sure that you are able to get a suite and they often book quickly because the resorts often have a limited number available. You may want to contact the resort to find out if there are any discounts or packages available to ensure that you and your family are able to enjoy everything the resort has to offer at the best price possible.

FlyBLADE Review: On-Demand Helicopter App Everybody’s Dying to Experience


Have you ever found yourself wishing that you could grab a private helicopter ride about as easily as you could grab an Uber ride?

Okay, probably not. But if you’ve ever wondered if you could take a helicopter ride at an affordable price, the answer is a giant, resounding YES.

FlyBLADE, an on-demand helicopter app, is all the rage right now. This Uber-esque app allows customers to book their own private helicopter ride and arrive to their destination in style without completely breaking the bank.

Although FlyBLADE started in New York, the company has since expanded to include Los Angeles and Miami, as well.

If you are interested in checking it out, here’s an awesome list that includes a few examples of where BLADE will fly and the cost of each trip:

BLADE Bounce: West 30th St to JFK in an A-Star helicopter for $195-$295.

BLADEone Miami: Westchester, NY to Miami, FL in a BLADEone helicopter for $1,795.

BLADE Hamptons: West 30th St to East Hampton in an A-Star helicopter for $695.

BLADE Atlantic City: East 23rd St to Atlantic City Hotel’s Helipad in an A-Star helicopter for $3,570.

Although this is not the extensive list of BLADE routes, it does give a great example of some of the prices and routes they are willing to take.

Perhaps most impressive about BLADE, however, is the addition of BLADEone, which is their latest addition — a chartered private plane. A Bombadier CR-J200 that used to sit 60 people has been refurbished to seat just 16 in a comfortable, once in a lifetime flying experience.

The menu on the plane is created by the famed Todd English and all guests are offered an iPad to watch television on and a pair of noise canceling earphones to entertain them during the trip. Other items included in a complimentary bag for BLADEone guests are as follows:

  • 20% OFF Henry Bendel next purchase
  • Glowing stick by MILK makeup
  • Probiotic lotion
  • Hydrating mist
  • $250 towards their next Line purchase
  • Sleeping mask
  • Toothbrush with activated charcoal & toothpaste
  • Charcoal papers
  • Headphones to use with complementary iPad

All customers, whether flying with BLADEone or another FLYBADE carrier, receive access to BLADE’s exclusive lounges before take off. Here, they can catch up with friends, hang out, and grab a few cocktails.

New York City currently has 3 different Michael Beneville designed private BLADE lounges for guests at the following locations: the East 34th Street Heliport, West 30th Street Heliport and now also at the East 23rd Street Marina.

BLADE very well may be pricy, there’s no denying that, but it is well worth the experience if you have the extra cash. Not only is it incredibly affordable when you’re ranking it against competitors, but it’s a truly unique, lavish experience that you and your friends will love.